After Tim McGraw's Daughter Receives Criticism Over Her Weight, He Shares How Proud He Is Of Her Big Heart

Jan 26, 2023 by apost team

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughter Gracie may have earned praise for inheriting her parent’s talents, but she’s no stranger to criticism for her body. Then again, that didn’t stop her from promoting body positivity.

In past interviews, both Tim and Hill have spoken about their love for their family and children and have always set an example for how to be supportive parents. The couple shares three daughters: Gracie McGraw, Maggie McGraw, and Audrey McGraw.

Having been blessed with a beautiful wife and three equally beautiful daughters, Tim claimed that he is outnumbered in his household, although he admitted that it made him more vulnerable in the simplest ways, like crying by simply watching Hallmark films. Then again, Tim said the presence of his wife and kids definitely made him a better man.

“But they have made me such a better man. They made me see things in a different way. They taught me so much more about life, about how to be a man,” he said in a story published on Leo in February 2021.

Tim credited it to the fact that his wife and kids aren’t just smart but also people whose love he won’t change for anything in the world.

“There’s nothing like three daughters and a wife who are headstrong, smart, love you unconditionally. There’s nothing like being surrounded by that. That can teach you how to be a man as much as that can. They can teach you how to be a man more than I can. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I don’t know if I would be the same person without it. For better or for worse,” he remarked.

Tim said his family also allowed him to become in the work that he does, including his music.

Tim McGraw, Gracie McGraw (2015), (John Shearer/Getty Images)

“It’s a blessing. It really is. It has affected my art in a lot of ways as well. The music that I make, the movies that I make, the choices that I make. It’s made all those things more defined, more emotional,” Tim stated.

Tim, in a PEOPLE cover story in December 2021, shared what it’s like living at home without their kids.

“You’re used to getting up in the morning, taking kids to school, going to softball practices and basketball practices and cheerleader practices and all of a sudden all that’s gone when your last one leaves,” he said.

Tim and Hill were gifted with three beautiful angels. But there’s no doubt that their most talented child is Gracie. Gracie first made her vocal prowess known when she appeared alongside her father on a stage in Nashville.

In August 2019, he uploaded a video of him and Gracie doing a cover of Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibb’s “What Kind Of Fool.” Gracie is the perfect example of the apple not falling far from the tree, with many people particularly praising her talent.

“Wow! She definitely has the talent like her parents! Beautiful voice!” one person wrote. “My god! Her voice is so pure and melodic. And not forced at all. Those kinds of vocals are usually pushed or strained. Wow, just beautiful! Hope she releases her own music!” another person stated.

“Their voices blend beautifully..... Gracie has perfect pitch and such the music flows out of her so naturally. Just lovely,” one person remarked.

Despite Gracie being an extremely talented kid, a lot of people have been coming at Gracie for her weight.

In November 2021, Gracie shared a photo of her showing her bulging belly and stretch marks as a way of promoting body positivity. She captioned her post with the words “Love her.”

While a lot of people felt empowered by her post, others criticized her photo, with one even saying: “Extremely unhealthy.”

“We should strive to be better. Better in the mind and body. It is important for your health,” another person said.

Gracie delivered a piece of sad news to her fans in March 2022 when she revealed in an Instagram post that she had been diagnosed with PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome. She said it might have been one of the reasons why she gained weight but clarified at the time that she has been taking medication to help her manage it.

“During my appointment with my endocrinologist I realized that may have been a factor in my issues with weight, so we decided to try a medicine to regulate my body more normally and create the tools to continue to keep my body and myself healthy as I get older,” she said.

Tim’s closeness with his children is evident in his posts, especially each time his kids celebrate their birthdays. In May 2022, Tim penned a message for Gracie, whom he said inspires him every day.  

“Happy 25th birthday to our oldest girl Gracie! So smart, so sweet, so, so talented. And such a crazy, big heart! You inspire me every day. Keep dreaming them big ol dreams my sweet girl,” Tim said.

In October 2022, Gracie shared a photo of her looking more confident than ever, wearing a bikini that she said she feels comfortable wearing.

“I’ve never been comfortable in a bikini but I got this one for $10 and I’m feeling glorious,” she said.

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