After This Elderly Woman's Death, They Found A Moving Letter

Aug 16, 2017 by apost team

Every day elderly people pass away in nursing homes. Many of these old souls are simply longing for a last visit or at least a call from their family. However, in today's busy world, this often a much taller ask than it would seem. It is sadly often the case that elderly people in old people's homes resign themselves to living out their days in solitude. 


This seems to also have been the case for this woman. Her nurses thought the old woman was senile and ready to pass away. Occasionally she would murmur venomous comments at the staff but everyone was certain that her mind was no longer what it once was. Upon her death, however, the nurses found a letter in her bedside cabinet that changed everything.

"Dear Nurses,

What do you see when you look at me?

A venomous old woman who isn't all that smart and has odd habits.

With misted eyes that stare into nothing.

An old woman who spits out her food and doesn't react when you ask her to: 

"Try it just one more time."

The old woman who you think doesn't understand what is going on around her. 

Who constantly loses her shoes and gloves.

The small old woman who can be stubborn but in the end still lets you bath and feed her.

Only to make the day go faster.

Is that what you think? Is that what you see? If that's the case then look closer.

I am not what you see.

I will tell you who I am. Even when I'm sitting quietly in the corner like I've been told.

I'm a ten year old girl with a Mother and a Father;

with brothers and sisters who love one another.

I am a 16 year old girl with wings.

Who dreams of finding her great love.

I am a bride of 20, and my heart is doing somersaults,

Because I'm going to be reciting vows that I will honor my whole life.

Now I'm 30. I have my own children who need me.

I have a secure and happy home.

I'm a 40 year old woman. My children are growing so quickly,

But that which binds us, binds us for life.

As I turn 50, my children no longer live at home,

But I am still happy with my husand.

At 60 I have babies bouncing on my knee again.

Once again I am sat surrounded by children and those who I love the most.

Dark clouds are gathering around me. My husband is dead.

When I think of the future, I see only horror.

My children are long gone, they have their own children now.

I think of the years that have flown by and how much love I have had in my life.

I am now an old woman - nature is merciless!

Ageing is a cruel joke which leaves my memories marooned.

My body is deteriorating, my strength and beauty are waning.

Where once my heart was, is now just stone.

But in spite of everything, the little girl inside me still lives. Even in these ruins.

My weary heart is overcome again and again by these powerful emotions.

Even today.

I remember the mirthful and miserable days. In my head I travel back to my love and experience the past once more.

I think on all the years that were still not enough,

That flew by far too quickly.

And I accept that nothing can last forever.

So open your eyes and look closer!

There isn't a frail, venomous old woman lying before you, it's ME!"


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