After Surviving Several Heart Surgeries Jimmy Kimmel’s Son Billy Celebrates His Second Birthday

On the surface, Jimmy Kimmel offers a happy, cheerful face for fans of late night TV. However, behind the scenes, things are not so good.

Jimmy's son, Billy, was born a couple of years ago with a congenital heart defect known known as Tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia. Little Billy had to undergo heart surgery at just three days old.

After that surgery, Jimmy shared the results with his audience. In a 13-minute monologue, he hailed his son's surgeon, Dr. Vaughn A. Starnes, for doing a wonderful job, even hailing the doctor as being some kind of magician. Jimmy also said that it was the longest three hours of his life.

Unfortunately, Billy's heart required a bit more attention a few months later, and he had to undergo a second surgery. The good news is that Billy is doing a lot better these days. His fighting spirit and courage has helped him pull through to his second birthday on April 21st.

Billy's dad marked the occasion by using social media to pay tribute to those that helped his son along the way, both medically as well as those who kept him in their prayers.

Jimmy's praise for the medical personnel who saved his son's life is spot on. They dedicate their lives to helping others and should be commended for it. Their dedication to patients makes it possible for people to survive conditions and injuries that would surely kill them otherwise.

To Jimmy: We are so happy that you can smile and experience joy as you celebrate your son's birthday. May he have many, many more.

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