After Searching For 5 Days, Man Still Refuses To Give Up, Finally Finds Missing Grandma Clinging To Life In Woods

Jul 15, 2019 by apost team

The first 72 hours are extremely important in most missing person cases. Every minute after usually decreases the chances of ever finding that person alive again. In fact, many people start to give up hope completely after five days or so.

Luckily, this particular story about a woman in North Carolina who went missing will likely remind you that you should never give up hope when someone goes missing.

When Sandra Adam's relatives headed to her apartment in Charlotte, North Carolina, the 69-year-old wasn't there. She was known to take walks now and again around her apartment building, but she had always found her way home before.

Sandra Adams was reported missing to the police on this day, a Friday. She had last been seen the previous Wednesday. By Monday, the family still had no news about where she could have gone. But Nate Cassell, her grandson, refused to give up hope. He didn't want to stop searching.

Cassell decided to search the woods behind the apartment complex in the hopes that he would find his grandmother. Shawn Willis, a friend, told WSOC-TV that they both woke up with the same idea of looking in the woods. So that morning, the pair started out on their hike.

They went about a quarter of a mile into the dense woods before they found Adams. Things did not look good at all as she was lying in a creek face down. Cassel and Willis called the police, and soon after police officer Brian Nicholson showed up. After five days, it would have been only logical to expect the woman to be dead. But as they walked towards her, she raised an arm.

The group called for emergency services to take care of her. Adams later revealed that she had fallen when she went for a walk in the woods. No one knows just how she was able to actually survive for so long by herself, but her young grandson said it was all due to God. 

“It’s a blessing, a big blessing,” Cassel says in the video. “A miracle. She’s a strong lady.”

Cassell stated that his grandmother is a strong role model for the whole family. We can definitely agree on that!

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