After Reading Note Left Behind By Old Homeowners, New Family Finds Cat Peeking In

Aug 29, 2018 by apost team

Whenever you move into a new home, you cannot help but think of the people who used to live there before. It is often hard to figure out what sort of people they were, but sometimes, they leave behind clues. When Miranda and her family moved in, they found a note that had been left for them by the previous owners of the house.

As soon as they walked into their new home, Miranda's family found a note that had been left behind. This note started out by welcoming the new family to the home and saying the old owners hoped Miranda's family would love it as much as they did. The note then went on to say that they had one favor to ask for the new family. As Miranda kept reading, she discovered that a feral cat lives in the backyard of the new home.

The old family explains that he is an orange cat with an injured paw, and he will not let other humans go near him. For many years, the previous owners of the house were feeding the cat to keep him from starving. However, when they moved, they did not know what to do. Feral cats do not do well when penned inside with people and other cats, and they try to escape and walk back home at the first opportunity. So they decided to let him stay where he was and ask the new owners to take care of the cat for them. As soon as Miranda finished the note, she looked up to see an orange kitty peering through the sliding glass door.

She said her first instinct was to start laughing.

The family already has five rescue cats, so they found it hilarious that there was another waiting for them in their new place. Miranda went ahead and started leaving food for the cat outside.

The family called him Raz, and at first, he was far too scared to come near the new inhabitants of the house. However, he eventually started to relax. Miranda says that now he does not hide when he sees them, and he feels comfortable with them to come to the door and meow for food.

Little Raz got lucky with the new people who moved into the house. This adorable story shows that some people are still willing to take on a bit of extra work to care for defenseless animals.

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