After Mother Gets Bitten By Tick With White Spot She Develops A Meat Allergy

Nov 13, 2019

A woman from Long Island, New York found out that she has become the latest victim of a new type of tick in the most bizarre way possible.

Janine Baumille was once an avid fan of red meat. Whether it be burgers, hot dogs, or a nice juicy steak, Janine couldn’t get enough of red meat. All that changed late one night when Janine noticed hives forming on her chest.

The itchy irritation soon spread all over her body, including the palms of her hands, her feet, and her thighs. Intent on getting to the bottom of it, Janine drove herself to the emergency room in the middle of the night. It was there that the mom of two got a startling diagnosis.

It turns out that Janine was now allergic to red meat. While she had eaten and enjoyed red meat all her life, doctors told her that because she was bitten by a tick, she would no longer be able to enjoy her favorite foods.

Doctors explained to Janine that she was bitten by a lone star tick, which gets its name for the distinctive white spot in the middle of its body. The tick was once solely located in the southern United States but has since been making its way up the Eastern Seaboard.

As it turns out, thousands of people have developed red meat allergies due to the bite of the lone star tick.

Janine told her story to reporters from Inside Edition. As her family begins enjoying burgers and steak at a local restaurant, Janine says that she wishes that she could eat red meat again but that she will learn to cope with her condition.

Closing out her interview, Janine says that most people are unaware of how a bite from the lone star tick can bring about red meat allergy and are shocked by the cause of her condition.

What do you think of how Janine can no longer eat red meat after being bitten by a tick? How would you respond if you were never allowed to eat your favorite foods again?

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