After Losing Her Brother, 7-Year-Old Girl Visits His Grave Singing Chilling Tribute

Oct 11, 2018 by apost team

Austin Mullet, the oldest son of Duane and Cindy Mullet, was a fighter. At the age of 8-years-old, he was forced to undergo a heart transplant. He survived, and his family continued to grow - he gained four little sisters.

Unfortunately, after the transplant, Austin's health only continued to deteriorate. He was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma, followed shortly after by Squamous Cell Carcinoma, two forms of cancer that doctors rarely see. Both had very slim chances of survival.

Somehow, though, Austin beat the odds.

He spent nearly ten happy years, struggling only intermittently with issues that any other child might face.

However, shortly after turning 16, he had to undergo a second heart transplant. The procedure went well, and his family took him home feeling confident that he would recover fully. The complications didn't begin until months later.

Austin's heart became severely infected, and the infection ultimately cost him his life. 

“Austin’s life was filled with many physical battles, but he conquered each one with an optimistic outlook and a zeal and enjoyment of life that few people ever experience. Although we will always miss Austin’s lively presence in our home, we are grateful that he is eternally set free from all the physical pain.”

His mother's heartfelt words, written on The Mullet Family website, have touched thousands of people and helped others cope with their losses, as well.

Now, one of his little sisters. Kyra Mullet, has taken the time to honor her brother's memory in a beautiful way. She has released a video of her singing an emotional song, "I Can Only Imagine," by the Christian rock band MercyMe, in honor of her brother.

In the video, 7-year-old Kyra walks through a graveyard with her father by her side. They stop at her brother's grave. She runs through fields and wanders into a church, singing: 

“I can only imagine what it will be like
When I walk by your side…”

The song was originally written about the death of a band member's father, and how he could only imagine how wonderful it would be to walk by his side again in Heaven.

It was a fitting choice for Kyra to honor Austin.

The video has been viewed nearly 100,000 times and has received emotional responses from viewers all over the world. 

Watch Kyra's emotional tribute below:

What do you think of Kyra's message to her big brother? Let us know in the comments, and keep the Mullet family in your thoughts and prayers. Show this article to your friends or family to keep Austin's memory alive.