After Leaving Sweet Message For New Mom, Delivery Driver Receives Thank You Days Later

Jan 13, 2022 by apost team

Every year, it seems more and more people are shopping online, which means that delivery drivers have become quite busy. With so many packages to deliver before the holidays, it meant a lot to Jessica Kitchel when her UPS delivery driver, Dallen Harrell, stopped to leave a message on her doorbell camera in early December 2021. 

Harrell had seen a sign in the family’s driveway that announced “It’s a boy!” for the past month and wanted to let the parents know he wished them well and hoped everything was OK with their son. He told them that he had a son a couple of months prior, so he knew what they were going through. The message was short but incredibly thoughtful and kind. Kitchel said she was moved by the fact that he took the time to stop and mention the sign he had noticed. 

Right away, Kitchel posted the doorbell camera video to her Instagram page, where it received thousands of views. She was able to get the attention of UPS, and the company provided her with Harrell’s name and phone number. Kitchel called to thank him and said she was looking forward to meeting him officially in person the next time he delivered to their house.

When Harrell showed up a few days later, Kitchel and her children were waiting to greet him with a gift basket of things for his son, Deveraux. Kitchel also posted links to Harrell’s baby registries on her social media account, and the man has now received dozens of packages from strangers across the country. Keep reading to learn more about this touching story.

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In her initial post on Instagram, Kitchel captioned the video:

“It is really easy to focus on what isn’t going right right now with staffing shortages but it was good to be reminded that there are still great people working hard every day for us! I really wish I knew his name but I hope he comes back and if he does there will be diapers waiting for him!”

It was only a few days later that UPS contacted Kitchel and gave her Harrell’s information. She wrote in an update on her Instagram:

“Everyone, please meet Dallen Harrell, our @ups angel. It’s because of all of you who shared my video that I was able to locate him. (More details on that in my stories) he’s incredibly sweet! Dallen has an almost 3-month-old son, Deveraux. I know so many people were as blessed as I was by his message. I have posted his baby registry links in my stories as well as saved them to my highlights. Please help me give this incredible angel a Christmas he and his family won’t forget!”

Kitchel shared how excited she was to meet Harrell in person and thank him properly. “I was just so blown away by the fact that he took the time to stop and do it … There’s all this anticipation of just waiting to get to see him in person, thank him in person, and give him a hug,” she said.

Harrell saw his kindness come back to him ten-fold thanks to the links Kitchel posted on social media. The man began to receive tons of packages to his home. “They just have been coming in abundance — mostly from strangers,” Harrell said

“I can’t believe it all unfolded this way,” he added. “When I left the comment at the doorbell, I didn’t even expect to hear from them, and so many blessings have followed behind.”

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