After Her Toddler Received A Severe Burn From A Charger, This Mom Wants To Spread Awareness And Warns Other Parents

Oct 17, 2018 by apost team

While all parents will try to make their home's safe and childproofed for their children, sometimes those little fingers and mouths find a way to get injured, sometimes seriously or even fatal.

That's what happened to a little 19 month old girl in Kentucky recently.

Courtney Davis is a very responsible parent. She had taken all the precautions making sure her home was a safe place for her precious baby, Gabby, to live and play. All the plugs were capped, the doors were blocked, and Courtney always kept a watchful eye on her curious toddler.

Most accidents at home involving children, especially babies and toddlers, are from falling down. However, there are many ways that they can harm themselves. Anything from getting into chemicals or medicine to playing with electrical outlets to even, maybe, getting a scratch or nick from the family pet can happen to your babies.

Parents can't possibly be prepared for everything that could possibly transpire regardless of how hard they try. And, with all the latest innovations in technology and gadgets that are sometimes hard to keep up with, there always seems to be something else dangerous popping up on the radar posing a risk for the little ones.

That's what happened to poor little Gabby. Courtney took her eye off of her for a split-second while she was playing in her meticulously baby-proofed safe zone. Unfortunately, that's all of the time it takes for an accident to happen. Gabby spied the end of a phone charger and knew it would fit in her mouth. 

By the time Courtney was able to get the cord out of her mouth, poor Gabby was already severely burned on the corner of her mouth. She's had to have surgery and laser treatments to heal the burn wound as well as to help reduce the scarring. Luckily, she's healing just fine after such a horrifying ordeal.

Courtney wants to warn other parents not only of the dangers of phone chargers, but, also about some of the habits we have concerning them. She says to stay away from generic chargers as they aren't as competent and warns you not to let them charge overnight or anywhere near your children.

Luckily, Gabby is fine. But, it could have been much worse.

Let's hear from some other new parents. What have you discovered about baby-proofing that can help us all keep our children safer? Pass this important article also on to your friends and family!