After Father Killed In Line Of Duty, Boy Escorted To First Day Of School By More Than A Dozen Deputies

No little boy should have to grow up without his father. However, for the children of law enforcement officers, the fact that one day their father might not be coming home anymore is always a sad possibility.

Caden Dixon was only nine years old when his entire world was turned upside down and he lost the most important man in his life. Deputy Nicolas Blane Dixon was bravely doing his job one July evening when he spotted a stolen car while on patrol.

After pursuing the vehicle and compelling the driver to pull over, one of the cowardly teenage suspects in the car shot Deputy Dixon, killing him instantly.

The murder of Deputy Dixon rocked the Gainesville, Georgia, community to its core. However, no one was more devastated than his wife Stephanie and their two children. Although a memorial fund was established and neighbors graciously donated in droves, the family of this fallen hero had a difficult road ahead of them.

As a new school year approached, Caden was having a tough time adjusting to the idea of carrying on without his beloved dad. While his four-months-old little brother Colt was too young to understand what was happening, Caden was old enough to grasp the gravity of what had happened to his family.

On the first day of the new school year, Caden didn't want to leave the house.

However, little did the boy know that he was going to be escorted to school not only by his mother but by over a dozen sheriff's deputies as well.

“Seeing [Caden's] reaction when he saw us made everything worth it," said Sergeant Charles Hewell, a supervisor of Deputy Dixon's, in a statement.

With the support of his father's colleagues and friends, Caden has slowly begun to do much better. He's enjoying the new school year. While his father might be gone, he isn't forgotten – and Caden knows that he has dozens of his daddy's friends to lean on for support whenever he needs it.

The sheriff's office remains committed to providing assistance to Stephanie, Colt and Caden.

This story demonstrates that even in the face of an unspeakable tragedy, there's always a silver lining behind every cloud.

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