After Dog Gets Found All Alone In Kitchen – He Turns Into Different Creature After 4 Trash Bags Of Fur Are Shaved Off

After his owner passed away, a Bobtail dog was given to new owners who should never again be allowed to own a pet.

A Bobtail is a breed of Old English Sheepdogs. They are wonderful dogs that can grow very thick coats of fur. Unfortunately, the new owners of this particular dog neglected him terribly while they were in charge of his care. He barely had enough food and water to drink, and they never groomed him. By the time he was rescued 12 months later, his fur had become so incredibly heavy and matted that the poor dog could barely walk.

Check out what he looked like when rescuers showed up at the door:

After Cocos the Bobtail was rescued, six workers gathered around to work on him. It took them a number of hours to shave and groom all of the thick, matted hair from the animal. When they finally got it all off, they realized the poor thing had sores and abscesses underneath.

The hard-working groomers were able to fill up several trash bags with all of the matted hair. It took a lot of patience and effort, but the beautiful dog buried under all of the fur was finally light and free. He looks like a completely different dog after groomers took their time with him. 

Cocos was finally able to walk and breathe properly after all of the fur was lifted from his body. The next step was to find a good home for Cocos. Of course, rescuers wanted to make sure that whoever adopted the Bobtail would keep up with his demanding grooming needs. After all, they didn’t want him to end up back in the same predicament.

Enter a wonderful lady named Elena. Elena adopted Cocos and is helping him make a full recovery. She knows how to take care of Bobtails and has been providing him with anything and everything that he needs. He now gets plenty of attention, love, and food. He also gets regular grooming sessions to keep his fur from becoming matted again.

He also has a pair of very comfortable shorts.

We are so glad that rescuers were able to help Cocos before it was too late. If you loved to read about Cocos’ amazing transformation, leave us a comment before passing this on to your friends and family!