After A Terrifying Hospital Visit Little Girl Raises Arms And Melts Everyone's Heart With Her Song Choice

Jun 25, 2018

Kids often do odd things that adults can't explain, whether doing something sweet or getting in trouble. This was the case recently when a family caught their young daughter doing something strange in a new viral video.

Little girl Payten Foster was taken to the hospital by her parents as she was gravely sick and fighting for her life. Thankfully, she made a quick recovery in the hospital but the family did notice one big change in Payton.

She now wouldn't stop singing. 

The family decided to capture one instance of her constant singing on video and the results were beautiful. The tiny girl shows great enthusiasm and passion as she starts singing a worship song called "Break Every Chain," which gives thanks to the Lord. She enthusiastically sings and gives thanks to god. 

The adorable video has been shared by many and watched by millions. Commenters praised the little girl and her family for being so enthusiastic about their worship and their religion. Commenters also note how surprisingly well the little girl sings and how she puts all her energy into the song. 

Watch the beautiful and adorable video for yourself and see what you think. You might even catch yourself singing along! 

What do you think of the little girl's enthusiasm and singing voice? Show this video to your friends and family to make them smile today, and let us know which church song is your favorite to sing!