After 24 Years Of Work, An Airplane Cleaner Becomes A Captain

Sep 11, 2019 by apost team

We are all constantly seeing those inspirational quotes that try to motivate us to be the best person we can be. However, how often does this actually happen?

Well it happened for Mohammed Abubakar. He dreamed big and fought hard to achieve his goals. Hearing his story will make you want to do the same. Twenty-four years ago, Mohammed, a Nigerian man, began working at Air Azman as a cleaner. This is an interesting story in itself. He finished school and went to Kaduna to enroll in Kaduna Polytechnic. However, he submitted his application late and failed to get admitted.

Was this fortunate or unfortunate looking back on it? Mohammed Abubakar realized that being unemployed wasn’t even an option for him. He picked up the job as an aircraft cleaner. It was a little bit of money that go him by for now. Many people didn’t think he would last very long at this menial job.

But Abubakar proved them all wrong.

He was soon employed as a member of the ground staff. Throughout this journey, he learned a lot about the industry of aviation. Because of his solid performance, Mohammed was promoted to a cabin crew member with great pay. He then moved to become a flight attendant through Aero Contractors. He even helped the company by providing input when Aero Contractors began doing scheduled services, he told The Daily Trust.

The Deputy Managing Director was so impressed by him, he gave him a huge salary that shocked Mohammed. He decided to save his money. After talking to the managing director, he went on to become a pilot.

Isn't his story inspiring? Pass this incredible tale on to your friends and loved ones - you never know who it might inspire!