Adorable Toddler Best Friends Maxwell And Finnegan Run Towards Each Other For A Hug On The Sidewalk In New York City

A recent video that went viral proved that you’ve never too young to have a bestie. Maxwell and Finnegan are just two years of age, but they have been “BFF” for over a year now.

Michael Cisneros, Maxwell’s dad and the one who took the video, recently talked to ABC News about the duo’s hilarious friendship at just two years old. He said that when the two are apart they are constantly asking where the other one is.

In the video, the two toddlers run toward each other on the street of New York City before embracing in an adorable, loving hug. They truly have a special friendship and are always overjoyed when they get to see each other after a period of being apart.

Michael shared the heartwarming hug on Facebook and one Facebook user even said that they had watched the video about 10,000 times and had shared it with all of their friends and family. Facebook users flooded the video with comments about how adorable the two best friends were. It was incredible to see how positive that Facebook users were toward the video.

The two kiddos go to a weekly music dance class together called Dana Banana. Their parents say that they both love to dance and are actually pretty good for being such a young age.

When they are apart for a moderately long period of time, they typically give each other a big hug when they finally do get to see each other again. However, neither of their parents have ever captured them running toward each other and embracing in a loving hug before.

Wouldn’t it be nice if sweeter if simple things like this went viral instead of all the negative things out there? Pass this heartwarming video along to anyone who could use a smile today!