Adorable Shelter Dog Makes Bed Daily In Order To Show He's A Good Pup

Jul 16, 2021 by apost team

The SICSA Pet Adoption Center in Ohio took in a homeless pit bull named Rush in October 2015. At the time, Rush was understandably scared and sad, so the staff tried everything they could to make him happy and comfortable. They gave him lots of treats and plenty of love. They also gave Rush his own comfortable bed to sleep in.

Rush shocked everyone one day with how neat he really was. As shelter workers strolled by his kennel, they were stunned to see Rush making his bed! They realized that Rush would make his bed every day. It's hard enough getting children to tidy up after themselves, but whoever heard of a dog doing as much?

One of the workers wanted to show the world the unique behavior of this particular dog, so she videotaped a minute of Rush moving his blanket all over the place to make his bed.

The organization put the video up on YouTube, where it quickly went viral. They were shocked to get more than a million hits. They also posted a cute photo on their Facebook page to celebrate their famous dog.

Soon after, the shelter began getting emails and phone calls from local news agencies who were eager to feature Rush on the news. The shelter decided this was a great way to tell people why pit bulls make amazing pets, and they told ABC News that while the breed still brings in a lot of negative stereotypes, they are really quite amazing creatures when you get to know and love them.

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Adopters from all over began to stream in to try and adopt Rush. In one video, a married couple talks about losing their own dog. They both saw Rush on the news separately and decided that he was the one they needed to adopt.

The woman texted her husband to tell him that she thought he was the right dog. The husband said he was also ready to take on the responsibilities of another dog, so right after work, they rushed over to SICSA to ask about Rush.

When they were on their way to the shelter, the pair said they saw a sign saying it was meant to be. While they were on their way, they saw a Cincinnati Bengals billboard with the slogan “Rush to be there.” But they only saw the word “Rush” at first, as the others were in smaller letters. They knew it was the sign they needed to adopt this dog! 

Luckily for the eager couple, they were able to adopt Rush and sent the shelter a note saying just how happy they were with their decision. They told the shelter that Rush is a great dog and that they are totally in love with him.

Rush's story is not only special because of his ability to tidy up after himself, but it's also a heartwarming example of how all dogs can be the perfect pets when given the right home and opportunity. His story is also an important one to help dispel the negative stereotypes that unfortunately follow pit bulls around.

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