Adorable Puppy Cuddles Up To Cat Best Friend As They Gaze Out Of Garden Window To Bird Watch

Mar 23, 2020 by apost team

Lisa Olsen-Plummer from Indiana noticed her cat Jasper sitting on the back of the couch gazing out the window. A couple of seconds later, her beagle Bo jumps up next to Jasper and puts one 'arm' around her, and together they admire the view outside.

This touching moment was captured on video and posted on Lisa's Youtube channel on March 1.

Every pet parent knows how crazy things can get with lots of paws running around. Few know it better than owners of cats and dogs, especially when cats and dogs live together in the same house.

Even though they are natural enemies, growing up together can make them buddies. But like any sibling relationship, they have their rivalries and competitions for attention. Generally, dogs are more eager to please and cats are a touch more standoffish.

So when dogs want to please cats by playing with them, cats aren’t always receptive. But in the midst of the barking, chasing, and general melee, one pet owner captured a special moment between her beagle and her black cat when they didn’t realize she was looking (and filming).

Lisa noticed her cat Jasper sitting on the back of the couch, calmly gazing out of the window – very typical cat behavior.

Almost immediately after that, Bo the Beagle, a five-month-old cheerful pup, pulls himself onto the sofa. He sees his friend Jasper looking out the window and decides that she needs some company on the back of the couch.

Lisa is filming the interaction. It could go in any number of directions, most of which would involve an annoyed cat, confused dog, animal noises, and one or the other leaping away.

Instead, the moment becomes a heartwarming memory that has captivates all who watch the video.

Bo uses his little legs to struggle up next to his kitty friend and sits beside her. She doesn’t hiss or run away. She looks his way and calmly stays where she is, accepting the company of her doggie brother, who is about the same size she is. Together they survey the outside world.

That in itself would have been enough to make the video sweet. But then Bo puts his paw across Jasper’s shoulders as if to say, “You and me, buddy. We’re good.” Even more amazingly, Jasper stays put and accepts the affectionate gesture, as if to answer, “Yeah, we are.”

Lisa was floored by the interaction and quickly posted it online. She summed it up well when she said,

"I was super excited to catch this beautiful bonding moment of two animals showing love for one another. It needs to be shared with the world. I want people to remember to slow down, live and love in the moment with who you are with."

The video just invites views and comments, especially captions for what the dog and cat might be thinking: "You take the birds, I'll get the squirrels. You and me Buddy. We're going to run this town.

Take a moment to watch this adorable video and take a guess at what might be going through the minds of these exceptionally loving pets.