Adorable Monkey Looks Like Stuffed-Toy Animal And He Can’t Get Enough Berries

Jun 02, 2021 by apost team

If there is one thing that is most commonly associated with monkeys, it is bananas. However, one adorable little golden snub-nosed monkey showed off his love for berries in a viral video from April 2021. The video shows a monkey so cute he looks like he could be a stuffed toy taking berries from a man who is behind the camera. 

The video, and the little animal, have gained a ton of attention on the internet, and the monkey has been compared to the Ewok characters from the “Star Wars" film franchise. There has also been an outpouring of fanart and memes portraying the monkey. The internet can’t help but love the adorable animal and his funny personality. 

In the video, the gorgeous golden snub-nosed monkey takes berry after berry from the man in front of him. He hungrily comes back for more every time, and it seems his appetite is insatiable. It is as if he could go on happily eating berries forever. The friendly monkey had a good disposition and looked interested in the man, but maybe that was just for the free food.  

As the man filming and handing out berries walks backward, the precious little monkey follows him happily waiting for another berry. Although this species of monkey is widely distributed throughout China, many of the people who watched the video were introduced to the animal for the first time. The monkey’s color and striking face make him irresistible, and viewers couldn’t help but react to the adorable video with silly jokes and terms of endearment. 

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After the video was posted to Twitter, many users had hilarious reactions to the little monkey and his love for berries. One person joked, “Is that little guy from our planet?” and another added, “You can’t fool me, that's a little man in a costume.” It seems that people think this adorable monkey is too good to be true.

The video of the berry-loving monkey has over 3 million views on YouTube, and 8,000 people stopped to leave comments. Viewers were taken with the funny way the primate would keep asking for more of the berries. One person left this funny comment, “I like how he shrugs between berries: ‘What, no more berries?’” That is exactly what it looks like the monkey is trying to say!

Another commenter shared that they were unfamiliar with the golden snub-nosed monkey before seeing this video. “I'm constantly amazed at how many creatures there are on this planet that I've yet to hear about. This has to be one of the most adorable animals I've ever seen,” they wrote. This precious primate looks like he would make a great sidekick, but it is important to remember that these are wild animals, and thus they should be treated with serious caution.

It is unknown what the relationship is between the man and monkey in the video, but from the animal’s behavior, it is safe to assume that the man is a caretaker of some sort and that the monkey is already familiar with him. According to the New England Primate Conservancy, the golden snub-nosed monkey is also referred to as the Sichuan snub-nosed monkey.

The golden snub-nosed monkey is in the top 25 of the world’s most endangered primates. The New England Primate Conservancy explains that they eat primarily lichen that grows on the trees in their mountainous forest home. With the increase in deforestation, these monkeys are losing their homes as well as their main food source. 

The adorable monkey has a thick, fuzzy coat to protect them from the cold temperatures where they live. In fact, they are able to endure the coldest temperature of any non-human primate in the world. It is believed that their stubby little noses may be able to help the animal avoid frostbite as well. 

For anyone interested in seeing one of these cute monkeys in person there are some who live in zoos throughout China and eastern Asia. In another viral video starring this species, a little golden snub-nosed monkey can be seen sitting on a wooden perch at a zoo, happily munching away on a piece of lettuce. 

The video also shows two of the monkeys playing together with a rubber ball. They pass the ball back and forth to each other and take turns holding it with their feet like monkeys do. Both of these videos show audiences that these sweet creatures are not only adorable but also full of personality. 

Hopefully, the species will start to grow and they will no longer be endangered. Fortunately, according to the New England Primate Conservancy, the golden snub-nosed monkey is a neighbor to the giant panda, so they are able to get good publicity and more aid from the public.

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