Adorable Massive Husky Plays With Toddler Twin Siblings

Sep 24, 2020 by apost team

A video from 2015 shows Juno the Husky playing with his siblings, twin girls Hailey and Kaylee.

Huskies can be an incredibly affectionate breed of dog. When a pair of toddlers are in the mood to play, they always know that their favorite pup is down for some games and fun! For an observing parent, what could be more adorable than watching twin babies having fun with a furry friend? 

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There are some people who believe that it's hazardous to have big dogs around children, especially babies. However, it's important to understand that dogs form loving, strong, resolute bonds with their human family members. Of course, when babies come into the scene, it's typical for dogs to experience a little bit of jealousy over all of the attention doted upon the little humans.

However, this quickly gives way to the canine becoming the child's loyal protector and friend for life. We all know just how powerful a dog's bond is with their human family once it becomes solidified!

The relationship between the Siberian Husky Juno and her two human companions Kaylee and Haley is a prime example of such a bond. The two toddlers have only known their canine companion to be a stellar confidant for all of their playtime wishes.

Juno is always more than happy to oblige the toddlers, and she's even happier to watch them develop into better people themselves. One video posted on YouTube by the user Marky244 really illustrates just how powerful a connection links these three. 

The video opens up with Juno lying down between the two toddlers while both kids attempt to pet her. Juno's gaze darts from one child to the other, almost toying to see which one will be able to touch her first.

One can see the pure innocence radiating from the eyes of both the toddlers and the Husky. One of the little toddlers starts to tap Juno's head, finally fulfilling their goal of stroking the pup. Juno then extends a foreleg and gently pats the head of the little guy in return as if to say, "I can tap just as well, too!" 

The beautiful Husky slowly sits up, and then she looks at the other twin before bursting out a big smile. She must be so proud to be the caretaker of such an adorable family if her huge grins are anything to go by.

Although the video is mostly quiet, we can hear the gentle breathing of the dog and the occasional peal of joy from the children. It's pretty amazing just how tolerant Juno is with being played around with; not all dogs are so patient!  

One commenter noted how gentle Juno is with the babies considering dogs have claws; we assume Juno has been well-groomed in order to safely play all day! Another commented on how one twin was more vocal than the other; perhaps they are already showing their personality traits?

Juno is even friendly with other animals such as birds, cats, and other dogs! She's a real tribute to the intelligence of her breed and a Husky's natural ability to socialize! Huskies truly make for some amazing family pets! 

Do you or your friends own a dog and have children? What sorts of antics have they gotten up to with one another? We want to hear all about your adorable encounters!

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