Adorable Labrador Retriever Captures Hearts After Falling Asleep During A Flight

Sep 08, 2023 by apost team

Dogs are great companions on flights because not only do they provide comfort for their owners, especially if they are considered service dogs, which allows them to be with their humans in the cabin, but they also get a lot of attention from other people on board.

One labrador retriever in particular was spotted catching some Zs as it fell asleep while half of its body could be seen in the aisle of the aircraft.

In a video posted by an Instagram user named Anastasiia, who appeared to be one of the flight crew members for S7 Airlines, in February 2022, the dog was peacefully getting rest while its owner sat on one of the passenger chairs for the flight.

In the caption of the clip, the user described the cute dog as “very cute and well-behaved.”

The video garnered a lot of attention as it received thousands of likes and numerous comments as of September 2023. In the comment section, online users expressed their happiness upon watching the clip.

“I wish all the friendly dogs are allowed on the plane 😍 and wish all the airlines would do the same too,” one wrote.

“Looking tired, have a good rest furkid. I’m proud of this airline 🐾 well done for being inclusive 🙏🏻💪🏻,” one commented, then added that they hope airlines would allow passengers to purchase a separate seat for their dogs, “Hope one day as many carriers allow us to purchase a flight tix seating for our furkids to travel fuss free with us.”

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Unfortunately, there were other online users who revealed that dogs are not allowed to stay in the cabin in their country.

“I don’t know witch company is this but in my country and many others this is not possible unfortunately,” one wrote

“If only traveling with a dog was possibility in my country 😢” another one aired similar concerns.

“I wish we could always fly with all dogs 🙌❤️ and not put them in the luggage compartment 😢” one commented.

According to an article published by Great Pet Care in May 2023, airlines have different policies when bringing dogs to the cabin, but there could be an exception for service or emotional support dogs.

The outlet noted that most airlines allow canines under 20 pounds in the cabin as long as they’re placed in a carrier during the entire duration of the flight and would not disturb other passengers on board.

In some cases, when dogs are over 20 pounds, most of them are placed in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

The outlet noted that the United States Department of Agriculture’s regulations regarding the age of the dogs require puppies to be at least 8 weeks old to fly and must be fully weaned from their mother; however, there are some airlines that have their own rules regarding the matter.

Dogs should also have an updated rabies vaccine.

Another factor that owners should consider is the payment for their dogs, as most airlines have pet fees when canines fly with their owners, but it could be less expensive if they were placed in the cargo hold.

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