Adorable Dachshund Becomes Online Celebrity Thanks To Her Blue Eyes And Unique Speckled Coat

Oct 17, 2020 by apost team

Honeydew is a six-month-old dashing puppy that has been a star ever since she was born in April. Heather is her owner and the manager of her social media account which holds up to over 198K followers in counting.

Why are puppies so adorable? This is a great question that experts have been trying to answer for years. Just one look at the cutest puppies can turn an absolutely horrible day into one that consists of genuine smiles and laughter. If you can relate to this, you are going to love this new puppy star.

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Honeydew loves to take adorable pictures in cute little costumes and outfits. Some of her viewers' favorite pictures consist of her posing in a koala costume, flower headbands, straw hats, and more.

She also has the ability to make viewers laugh when she decides to have a barking competition with the mirror. One of her viewers said that they just can't stop looking at her eyes. Another viewer expressed their heart's desire to have a sausage dog, too.

Honeydew's Motivation For the Pictures

Some of you might be thinking, "How did Heather get her to make a cat face?" It's actually very simple. Honeydew is not hard to please at all. She simply loves food and treats. She feels that work should be driven behind treats and snacks that make her happy.

Let This Puppy Put a Smile on Your Face

Honeydews beautiful icy blue eyes know how to give the most adorable look into the camera. Her fur also has a really unique spotted pattern that looks so adorable with various different colors. These characteristics make her an ever- so-interesting photo-taker that easily fills people's news feeds and hearts.

You Know You Want a Wiener Dog Too

Honeydew is a motivational model that should inspire creativity and love throughout the world. She is one cute example of what it means to truly be adorable. Her short legs and long body can also give you a warm and fuzzy feeling that lets you know some things in life are simply made to be breathtakingly cute. Go and adopt a wiener dog today to invest in a smile that will last forever.

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