Adorable Bat Adores Being Pet And Also Makes Delightful Noises

Jul 24, 2020

Bats have their fans, as these creatures do have human fans thanks to the mammals' appearances in horror movies. Many people enjoy watching documentaries that tell them more about these creature's habits. 

It may be shocking to discover that one little bat has a human friend who pets him. The person petting the bat has significant training in dealing with wild animals. Mandi Griffith works for Sydney Wildlife, and she understands how to handle bats. And Jeddah the Bat is still a baby, although no one should try to handle a bat of any age without proper training.

Jeddah isn't a vampire bat. He's a grey-headed flying-fox bat. That explains the massive amount of gray fur on his head. And Mandi's kindness explains why the little bat displays such a happy disposition.

A video of Jeddah being petted captivates viewers as the winged animal acts more like a cat than a bat. He is making noises a lot like purring, and he also gives off many dog-like "happy faces." The little beastie appears to respond well to the love and affection he receives.

The producers of the feel-good video do end it with a warning. Suggestions that only people who undergo vaccinations and training should handle bats. Bats do scratch and bite, even baby ones. And bats can carry deadly diseases.

The video casts light on professionals who deal with wild animals. These people enjoy their work, and they share special times with animals few people are familiar with.

Not many people want to handle bats or get near them. That's a wise choice. The video, however, could inspire someone to be a bit nicer to their dog or cat. Maybe the video might move someone to visit a local animal shelter and adopt a new pet.

Is there an animal lover you know who would enjoy watching the video of Jeddah the Bat? Let your friends know about it. The video could cheer up their day.