Adorable Baby Elephant Steals Spotlight In The Middle Of Journalist’s Report

Nov 20, 2022 by apost team

You’ve probably seen hundreds of videos of heartwarming interactions between humans and animals on the internet. Whether you admit it or not, these videos are some of the cutest videos you can find on the internet – and they are simply too irresistible to resist. But we can’t blame you. Even as simple as a 30-seconder clip of a dog or a cat playing with its fur parent can already put a smile on one’s face. So yes, watching animal videos definitely falls on top of the list of videos to watch if you’re feeling down.

When journalists started reporting from their homes in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were a number of things that caught everyone by surprise during a broadcast. But perhaps some of the cutest videos featured animals.

If you’re looking for something to make you a little happy for today, we’ve probably found one. It’s one of the most hilarious yet heartwarming videos on the internet right now – and it features a cute baby elephant.

Kenyan journalist Alvin Patterson Kaunda was doing a report on KBC (Kenya’s Broadcasting Corporation) television – but something hilariously unexpected happened while doing his spiel for the story.

“They say charity begins at home. And for these young orphaned elephants, this charitable foundation is what they call home. It is the place where they discover and are taught life’s lessons, experience love, and grapple with loss,” Kaunda said in his report.

“And even for millions of other species, home hangs in the balance. Human actions are destroying habitats, decimating our entire ecosystem, and disrupting the circle of life,” he added.

It was only a matter of time before the baby elephant named Kindani took over the spotlight. If you thought the elephant simply “video bombed,” it actually did more than that.

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As soon as Kaunda started encouraging people to be guardians of the world and saving the world by providing a home for them, Kindani made his way up to Kaunda’s shoulder, ear, and head before going for his nose and mouth.

Kaunda then started bursting into laughter. Well, it’s impossible to carry on with his report since the elephant couldn’t stop interacting with him – and it’s one of the cutest.

A Kenya-based ecological organization that works with orphaned elephants called Sheldrick Wildlife Trust shared Kaunda’s video on its Instagram account.

According to its official website, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust focuses on anti-poaching activities and all other measures related to conservation for both elephants and rhinos.

“Everyone wants to be the star! Kindani was so inspired by Alvin’s performance that she decided to steal her own moment in the spotlight,” Sheldrick Wildlife Trust wrote in the caption of its Instagram post.

People shared their reactions to the video on social media, with a lot of them expressing how cute the video was.

One person told Kaunda he did a great job not just with his duties as a journalist supporting a great cause but also by making it to news outlets in America.

“You’re all over the news in America. National Public Radio shared your video and they have over 6 million followers. Congratulations to a terrific announcer and a great cause!” one user said.

Meanwhile, other people commented on the cuteness of the interaction between Kaunda and Kindani.

“What a way to get love from an elephant,” one user said. “My silly baby girl,” another user said.

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