Adopted Pet Dog Saves Child Suffering Seizures By Alerting Mom In The Middle of The Night

Aug 14, 2023 by apost team

Time and time again, dogs have proven that they are indeed man’s best friend. From saving their owners from life-threatening situations to pulling off daunting rescue missions in the K9 units, it is safe to say that pet dogs are invaluable. Unfortunately, some breeds are faced with certain misconceptions owing to their sizes and the sometimes unusual behaviors a few have displayed. 

The American pit bull terrier is one such dog breed that has had many people worried owing to its size and menacing appearance. However, this muscular breed has been described as “friendly, reserved, loyal, and intelligent.   

Brutus, a brown pit bull with white patches from Tulsa, Oklahoma, displayed this when he made news headlines in 2017 for an exceptional act. The pet proved to be amazing when he sensed that his owner’s kid was in danger and swiftly called her attention to it.    

Years before Brutus pulled off this feat, he was found in an abandoned home, tired, and left to his own fate. The person who found him wasted no time alerting Unchain OK, an organization charged with catering to abandoned and abused pets. It was later discovered that the occupants of the abandoned house had issues with the law and then left the neighborhood. 

Brutus’ owner moved from the vicinity after her spouse was arrested for a drug-related crime. Upon further investigation, the house was inspected and found disheveled with dog food scattered around. The Unchain OK responder Melody Parkins revealed to Fox News that Brutus was quite apprehensive the first time she encountered him. 

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She noted, “He was real growly and barkly and scared. You could just see it in his face.” With volunteers from her organization, Parkins fed the pitbull and cared for him.

Parkins and her partner became Brutus’ foster owners as they helped him socialize again. The couple properly trained the dog and spent several hours in the process. Brutus would go on to exhibit his skills in the most fulfilling way. 

After some time, Brutus was adopted by Amber, who had a little son, Jason. A few days after Brutus joined his adoptive family, Jason experienced a life-threatening health scare. It had happened in the middle of the night, and according to Amber, Brutus ran over to her and repeatedly nudged her in the face until she woke up. He then led her to see her beloved son convulsing. 

Amber dialed 911, and the family later learned that Jason suffered a seizure disorder that could continue to occur occasionally. Amber stated, “Whenever I looked over at my baby, my baby was convulsing and having a seizure.” 

It also happened that Brutus was an expert at sensing Jason’s condition. Amber revealed that the little boy had another episode, and their four-legged hero saved the day yet again. She recalled:

Four weeks ago, he had another seizure. Brutus went into the bedroom, grabbed him by his shirt collar, pulled him up, and started barking until we got there to him.”   

Brutus never received any special training to save Amber’s young son more than once. The celebrated pup went from being a battered and abandoned pet to a treasured member of Amber's family.

Isn’t it heartwarming that Brutus played a major role in saving the little boy's life? Do you own any pets? What are your fondest memories about them? Let us know, and be sure to pass this on to others. 

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