Adele Slims Down Approximately 100 Pounds — Today At 33 Years Old She Looks Hot And Slender

May 04, 2021 by apost team

Award-winning vocalist Adele has been topping the charts since her popular song "Chasing Pavements" hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart back in 2009. Since then, Adele has given us timeless hits, such as "Hello," "Rolling in the Deep," "Someone Like You," "Skyfall,"  and "Rumor Has It," among many others. Although we haven't received a new album from Adele since 2015, the singer seems to be focused more on her personal development and family rather than music at the moment. 

Adele is a mother to her son Angelo Adkins, and instead of making music, Adele has focused on her family and her own health. The singer decided to take a huge leap forward regarding her health and lost almost 100 pounds. Adele's weight loss was a shock to fans and media outlets, as she hadn't posted a photo of herself in months and then suddenly came out to show off her incredible new figure. Motivated to get healthy so that she could be a better mother to her son, Adele's weight loss journey is one that has seemed to make the singer extremely happy, healthy and confident. 

Not only has she touted the benefits of getting fit, but she's also been outspoken on other practices that have helped her to feel grounded and grow as a person. In 2020, she was vocal about author Glennon Doyle's book "Untamed: Stop Pleasing, Start Living" and how it helped her to live a better and more authentic life. We love to see Adele growing in all ways and can't wait to see how these positive life changes will affect her art.

Today, Adele turns 33 years old, and to celebrate we're looking back at her incredible weight loss transformation!

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Adele (2008), (Mark Larner/Photoshot/Getty Images)

British singer Adele became an international superstar for her singing and songwriting. Born on May 5, 1998, with the full name of Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, the musical sensation grew up in the Tottenham district of London with her mother, Penny Adkins. Penny Adkins raised Adele as a single mother when Adele was just 2 years old, as Adele's father, Marc Evans, left the family. According to "Express Night Out," Adele had started singing since she was just 4 years old. Eventually, Adele's mother found work as an adult-learning activities organizer and furniture maker, so the mother and daughter duo relocated to Brighton, a city stretching along the southern coast of England. 

Eventually, Adele and her mother moved back to London in 1999, where they first settled in Brixton and then moved again to West Norwood. Adele ended up attending a performing arts school, the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology in Croydon, and she graduated in May 2006. It's no surprise that she rose to stardom, as she was classmates with other famous vocalists, such as Leona Lewis and Jessie J. Only a few months after graduation, Adele started recording her own music.

Revealing years later in a "Vogue" interview that her high school music teacher wasn't very good and was "unencouraging," it was while she was at the BRIT School that she got the kind of tutoring that helped her music career to become what it is today. Tony Castro, who was the head of the music department at the school, insisted that his students write their own songs.

Adele (2008), (Jon Furniss/WireImage/Getty images)

Having started to write her own songs, Adele published two of them on the online arts publication, "Platforms Magazine" — "Daydreamer" and "My Same." In the same interview with "Vogue," she gave thanks to Castro, her former teacher:

“If it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t have written ‘Hometown Glory’ and ‘Daydreamer.’ I think being a teacher is one of the most important jobs in the world. If my career stopped, it’s what I’d do.”

Shortly after posting her songs online, one of the demos was posted by a friend to Myspace, prompting Adele to receive a call from XL Recordings' Richard Russell, securing her a meeting with music producers. Apparently, she didn't know if the meeting was legitimate, as she was only aware of the record label Virgin Records, so she took a friend along. She signed with the label and her professional career began. Soon after she was introduced to Jonathan Dickens, who would become her manager and still is to this day.

In the "Vogue" interview, she explained that Dickens takes her along to every meeting and involves her in the business side of things, which has brought her peace over the years as her career has only soared to even greater heights. She added: 

"One of the things I enjoy most about my career now is that my main team is the same, so we’ve all had this experience together, which makes it really special. It can be quite lonely just getting bigger and bigger — but not when I’ve got everyone around me."

Adele (2011), (Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

Adele's breakthrough song, "Hometown Glory," was released in Oct. 2007, and around this time she had provided vocals for other artists and also performed in small gigs around London. By the time her debut album, "19," was released in 2008, Adele had already received the Brit Awards Critics Choice and had been named as the top artist to breakthrough in 2008 on a BBC poll. When "19" came out into the world, it didn't disappoint. Named after the age that she was when she wrote and composed most of the album's music, "19" earned rave reviews from critics, with one saying that she had the "potential to become among the most respected and inspiring international artists of her generation." And they weren't wrong!

Her music had made waves in her native U.K. but not yet in America. She'd even had a tour planned for the United States that she canceled due to personal reasons. However, in Oct. 2008 she performed on "Saturday Night Live" on an episode that featured an appearance by Sarah Palin, and that earned the show its best ratings in 14 years. The overnight success landed "19" on the iTunes and Billboard charts and opened her up to an American audience.

In Feb. 2009, Adele was nominated four times at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards, including for Record of the Year and Song of the Year. She ended up winning Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for "Chasing Pavements," cementing her status in the music world. She also performed live at the ceremony.  

Adele (2015), (Samir Hussein/GC Images)

Following up "19," Adele's sophomore album, "21," was released in Jan. 2011 to even greater success than her first record. This time she drew from country and roots influences after her tour bus driver had played that music when she was performing in the American south. She told "SPIN Magazine," "It was really exciting for me because I never grew up around (that music)." The album dealt with the breakup of her relationship and featured one of her now-signature songs "Someone Like You."

Unfortunately, as she was embarking on various tours, she was plagued with vocal chord issues, suffering from a vocal chord hemorrhage. This caused her to cancel two tours and undergo microsurgery on top of extended vocal rest. Nevertheless, she made her live comeback at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards in 2012, where she won all six categories that she was nominated in, making her the second-ever female artist to win that many awards in one night, after Beyoncé. Following this, she wrote and composed the theme song for the Bond film "Skyfall."

It wouldn't be until 2015 that the world would get a new Adele album. Continuing with the naming tradition of her previous records, she released "25" in November 2015. She said at the time:

"My last record was a break-up record, and if I had to label this one, I would call it a make-up record. Making up for lost time. Making up for everything I ever did and never did. '25' is about getting to know who I've become without realizing. And I'm sorry it took so long but, you know, life happened."

Adele (2016), (Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

Perhaps without realizing it, Adele's quote about her album "25" set the tone for the next stage of her life. No longer weighed down by her youth and early experiences, the songstress was beginning to work on herself from the inside out, as she grew up and began to figure out who she was. "25" featured the hit song "Hello" and as with her previous albums, broke records and won her all five Grammy Awards that she was nominated for that year. Globally, it was the best-selling album of 2015, counting 17.4 million copies sold.

The next couple of years Adele spent touring the world off the back of her success, including headlining Glastonbury in 2016. By 2019 she had hinted that a new album was on the way but later revealed that unfortunately it has been delayed due to the pandemic. In the last few years, Adele has kept a rather low profile, enjoying the break after touring and dominating the global music industry, and spending time with her son Angelo Adkins, whom she shares with her former husband Simon Konecki.

Despite not having any new music to share with the world, Adele has still been active on social media, which is where we've been able to get a glimpse of her physical and spiritual transformation that's taken place over the last few years. Having always struggled with her weight, Adele had started to show off a trimmer figure around 2017–2018. But since then her slimness has become more pronounced and even more people have started noticing. By her birthday in May 2020, Adele looked like a completely different person in a photo posted to her Instagram.   

Adele (2017), (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Then in a rather out-of-character move, Adele posted to her Instagram in August 2020 raving about a self-help book titled "Untamed: Stop Pleasing, Start Living," divulging some personal information along the way. Posting a picture of the book's cover, she captioned the post

"If you’re ready - this book will shake your brain and make your soul scream. I am so ready for myself after reading this book! It’s as if I just flew into my body for the very first time. Whew! Anyone who has any kind of capacity to truly let go and give into yourself with any kind of desire to hold on for dear life - Do it. Read it. Live it. Practice it. We are a lot! But we are meant to be a lot! .. 'A good life is a hard life!'"

She continued, making mention of how best to read the book: 

"Read this book and have a highlighter on hand to make notes because you’ll want to refer back to it trust me! I never knew that I am solely responsible for my own joy, happiness and freedom!! Who knew our own liberation liberates those around us? Cause I didn’t!! I thought we were meant to be stressed and disheveled, confused and selfless like a Disney character! ProBloodyFound!! You’re an absolute don Glennon ♥️"

Adele knows her fair share of troubles, having grown up working class and struggling with her weight for much of her life. She also admitted to being a "massive drinker" and has struggled with post-partum depression, as well as a failed marriage to her ex-husband Simon Konecki.  

Then just a few months later Adele officially debuted her new svelte look to the world when she hosted "Saturday Night Live" in October 2020, marking her first television appearance in nearly four years. It wasn’t the first time Adele had been on the show, however, this time around she not only sang but also acted in various skits. She told the audience:

“It's me, Adele, and my God, I'm absolutely thrilled to finally be hosting this show."

“A show that not only do I genuinely love, but the show that broke my career here in America 12 very long years ago,” she added. “See, I was a musical guest back in 2008 when Sarah Palin came on with Ms. Tina Fey,” Adele continued. 

“So obviously a few million people tuned in to watch it and the rest is history.”

She did an incredible job hosting, showing off her talents in acting, comedy, and singing. In one skit she played a contestant on "The Bachelor" who would repeatedly break into song, to the annoyance of her fellow contestants, while in another, the 32-year-old played a ghost in a haunted mansion, followed around by Pete Davidson. Adele also played a client at Kate McKinnon's fortune-telling salon, in which they poked fun at the times we live in: "I see no concerts in 2020, only coloring,”  McKinnon said to Adele

The night not only showed off Adele's incredible performing talents but it showed her full physical transformation too. Knowing that she has been working on herself on the inside as well makes it all the better. The future looks incredibly bright for Adele and we can't wait to see what she comes up with next. 

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