Adam Levine and James Corden Got Pulled Over During Carpool Karaoke And James Corden Was Not Cool About It

James Corden rose to fame with the beginning of his carpool karaoke with various celebrities as his passengers. He is all over Hollywood. With his carpool karaoke, we get to see a side of celebrities that is usually hidden. They are more relaxed, having fun.

Recently, he had Adam Levine as his passenger. It started off fairly normal, like usual. They were having fun and singing like James Corden normally does with his passengers. But it didn’t exactly turn out as expected.

They are having fun when a sheriff’s car pulls up next to them. Corden is visibly shaken and nervous. Levine seems pretty calm throughout the whole ordeal.

It turns out, the cop was just looking to have fun on his shift.

They weren’t in trouble at all! Corden is surprised Levine kept so calm throughout the whole thing! They proceed to go to a race track to see who can drive the fastest. The segment proceeds as normal and they keep having fun throughout the rest of the piece.

Overall, it is one of the better carpool karaokes. Adam Levine sings flawlessly and is always a joy to watch. It was definitely a segment with an interesting twist!

What do you think of this bizarre occurrence? How would you have reacted if you were there? Let us know what you think!