Adam Lambert And Cyndi Lauper Melt Hearts With Sonny & Cher's Favorite From 1965

With an unexpectedly poignant rendition of I Got You Babe, the dynamic pairing of Adam Lambert and Cyndi Lauper may just as well be the next generation’s Sonny & Cher. Thanks to this heartfelt cover, the chart-topping classic from 1965 just witnessed a glorious revival.

This touching on-stage homage to the proclaimed “Goddess of Pop” resonated with audiences emotionally and wowed the planet at large.

A Staple of the 1960s

Martin Mills/ Hulton Archive/Getty Images

When the original track first debuted, most audiences were aware that a free-love movement was just beginning, and this thoughtful ballad richly provided the flower children with a much needed platform of expression. Thus, the release wound up spending three weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100. As a globally cherished single, this compelling song also allowed Sonny Bono and Cher a chance to achieve superstardom. In this regard, the couple’s introduction to the world stage subsequently transformed into an iconic anthem for the hippie era.

The Evolution of Cher

After going solo in the wake of her 1975 divorce, Cher continued to unleash major hits for decades. In 2018, she was selected to receive distinguished recognition for her lifetime of culturally significant contributions to humanity. As an inductee of the 41st Annual Kennedy Center Honors, the long-standing artist has officially entered the upper echelon of American prestige. After the Special Honors Advisory Committee announced their selection, she humbly exclaimed, “I never thought that I was the kind of artist that would be acknowledged.”

The Artist’s Unparalleled Accomplishments

Of course, this isn’t the first special achievement that has been bestowed upon Cher; in fact, the singer has been accumulating impressive accolades since the start. Her previous winnings include memorable celebrations from the Grammy Awards, the Golden Globes, the Emmy Awards, the Billboard Icon Awards, and the Academy Awards. With such a preeminent track record, it’s hard to believe that Cher didn’t see this tribute coming.

Adam Lambert and Cyndi Lauper Have Fun

During the captivating commemorative performance, Lambert and Lauper demonstrated serious chemistry. The two of them seemed to really get a thrill from their musical collaboration, and this shared enjoyment is reflected in the craft. While operatic high-notes are typically Lambert’s forte, the singer smartly eschewed his booming bravado in favor of a delightful croon that preserved the core melody’s structural integrity. In contrast, Lauper cleverly avoided sounding like an impression of Cher by approaching the tune with her own signature pitch.

Icons Paying Tribute to Other Icons

At the age of 65, Lauper is actually closer to being one of Cher’s contemporaries. The Girls Just Want to Have Fun creator turned into a household name during the 1980s, and she has been a dominant musical force since arriving in the public spotlight. Her unmistakable presence in the music industry has yielded monumental pop-culture developments, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see her receive a similar recognition within our lifetimes.

A Progenitor of Modern Music

Meanwhile, Lambert is a newer figure in the universe of auditory art, but a skyrocketing trajectory has culminated in his own legendary status. The innovative performer’s ascent began via American Idol. After bowing out of the competition in second place, he released his first studio album in 2009. Based on the combination of his marvelous vocal talents and eye-catching fashion, Lambert was soon tapped by Queen to replace Freddie Mercury as their frontman. Despite being on the scene for only a mere decade, the infamous rocker has made an unbelievable impact.

The Decadence of Doing a Duet

When this duo gets together, anything can happen. Their masterful take was wildly inventive while somehow still remaining faithful to the source material. What do you think of their performance? Check it out, let us know, and spread the love!