Iconic Child Actor Lindsay Lohan Has Overcome Many Challenges As An Adult

Nov 20, 2020 by apost team

Most people predicted that Lindsay Lohan would have a bright future after starring in The Parent Trap (1998) as Annie and Hallie. The red-haired, freckled sweet girl charmed almost everyone with her smile — but as she became famous, she started to lose her grip. After gaining fame in Hollywood, people began associating her with massive partying scandals and rehab. The 34-year-old actress has truly changed.

Messy Childhood

Lohan was born in the Bronx in New York City in 1986 and grew up together with her siblings on Long Island, New York. Lohan's mother was a singer and dancer, while her father was a Wall Street trader. All her siblings appeared in front of a camera, including her brother, who starred in The Parent Trap. However, her childhood was often chaotic and turbulent. When she was three years old, her mother and father separated but later settled their disputes and got back together. This was short-lived, as in 2005 they broke up and filed for a divorce in 2007.


First Gigs

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Lohan kicked off her career as a child model while she was three years old. She started by working at the Ford Models during a period in which they looked for blonde, blue-eyed and cute children. But Lohan's unique and charming look apparently made her popular, and she became the first red-headed child to be hired by the modeling agency, according to TV Guide.

Her beauty and determination earned her a good reputation, and she appeared in many magazines, including Elle and Vogue. At the age of ten, she starred in the Another World soap opera as Alli Fowler. As she turned 11, she was already a showbiz veteran, but it came with a high cost.

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In The Parent Trap, the cast used a body double for scenes that needed Hallie and Annie. Many people acknowledged her performance, making her win the Young Artist Award. However, according to Lohan, her performance was more of a learning experience than a working knowledge. Her chaotic childhood upbringing played a significant role in her cast since she tried to reunite her film parents in the movie.

Through this breakthrough, she landed other roles in Disney Movies such as Herbie: Fully Loaded and Freaky Friday.

The Downfall of Lindsay Lohan

In 2007, Lohan proved that she had learned more about mature roles when she appeared in Mean Girls, a high school comedy that gained Lohan a new audience outside of Disney. This movie premiered a month before her 18th birthday, and she likely thought that it was the beginning of a new era. However, Lohan had a challenging period focusing on her success and ended up in mediocre films that completely diverged her career. And she started getting involved with rehab spells and run-ins with police.

As her fame expanded, she began spending most of her time at nightclubs and was arrested and convicted in 2007. She went to rehab and spent 250 days in different rehabs between 2007 and 2012. Thus, many people forgot about her fame and began remembering her for her problems with the law.

Distancing Herself with the United States

After she turned 30, Lohan moved to Dubai in a quest to detach herself from the United States. However, many people still knew her, but thanks to the state's strict law, the paparazzi could not reach her. According to her, living in Dubai gave her the freedom to live how she wanted and see what she wanted. During her stay in Dubai, she opened a beach club on the island Mykonos, Greek's paradise island but later closed it to focus on other things.

Lindsay Lohan 2020

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Earlier this year, she relocated back to America to continue with her filming career, according to People. She moved to America to focus on her life, be with her sister, and kick off her filming career again. In March of 2019, Lohan was featured in Among The Shadows, her first movie since 2013. Although the movie didn't exactly do well with critics, it's good to see Lohan back on the big screen. And to top it all, she also released her first single after 11 years, proving that she is looking forward to her future.

“I want people to know me for the work that I’m doing, not for this party girl image, which is just vile and disgusting and not fair, because I work so hard,” the Mean Girls star said in 2006. “Maybe someone will look at my life one day and say, ‘Why don’t I do a cover with Lindsay Lohan?’”

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