Active Duty Sons Secretly Arrive At Their Mom's Graduation

So many military families have had to celebrate special occasions by themselves. They don’t always get to have their family next to them whenever they want them. However, once in a while the stars align just right to bring our loved ones to us. When that happens, it is a truly special event indeed.

Jennifer Ann Little headed out to her college graduation. It was time to walk out on stage and collect the degree she had been working so hard for. Unfortunately, the event was a bittersweet one. She would be walking out without the two people who meant the world to her- her sons. They were both on active military duty. One son was in the Army and the other was in the Air Force.

Jennifer was still thrilled that she would be getting her degree after working towards it for many years.

What she didn’t realize was that she was about to have a celebration right on stage that had nothing to do with that piece of paper. As she walked towards the college dean to collect her diploma, she spotted two men standing next to him. Both were in uniform and looked very familiar.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing!

Jennifer stopped right then and there and stared at both of her sons standing next to the dean. They had both been granted leave to come back and support their mother. After all, she had always supported them as they were growing up.

Her knees became weak as she gazed upon the two people she loved with all of her heart. The military mom was then able to collect her thoughts as she rushed to give them both a hug. They then posed for pictures on stage.

Jennifer has since stated that this was the third best day of her life. The first two were the days her amazing sons were born. Both men seemed very happy with themselves for pulling off such a great surprise.

We would like to say thank you for your service! We are hoping they had a happy visit with their mom and other family members after the ceremony.

Are you ready to see the heartwarming video for yourself? Check it out below:

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