According To Your Birthday, Which Tree Did Your Soul Fall From?

Aug 22, 2018 by apost team

Celtic astrology claims that a person is able to determine which tree their soul came from depending on their birthday. Below is a list of their dates and trees.

  • Jan 01 to 11 Fir Tree
  • Jan 12 to 24 - Elm Tree
  • Jan 25 to Feb 03 - Cypress Tree
  • Feb 04 to 08 - Poplar Tree
  • Feb 09 to 18 - Cedar Tree
  • Feb 19 to 29 - Pine Tree
  • Mar 01 to 10 - Weeping Willow
  • Mar 11 to 20 - Lime Tree
  • Mar 21 - Oak Tree
  • Mar 22 to 31 - Hazelnut Tree
  • Apr 01 to 10 - Rowan Tree
  • Apr 11 to 20 - Maple Tree
  • Apr 21 to 30 - Walnut Tree
  • May 01 to 14 - Poplar Tree
  • May 15 to 24 - Chestnut Tree
  • May 25 to June 03 - Ash Tree
  • June 04 to 13 - Hornbeam Tree
  • June 14 to 23 - Fig Tree
  • June 24 - Birch Tree
  • June 25 to July 04 - Apple Tree
  • July 05 to 14 - Fir Tree
  • July 15 to 25 - Elm Tree
  • July 26 to Aug 04 - Cypress Tree
  • Aug 05 to 13 - Poplar Tree
  • Aug 14 to 23 - Cedar Tree
  • Aug 24 to Sep 02 - Pine Tree
  • Sep 03 to 12 - Weeping Willow
  • Sep 13 to 22 - Lime Tree
  • Sep 23 - Olive Tree
  • Sep 24 to Oct 03 - Hazelnut Tree
  • Oct 04 to 13 - Rowan Tree
  • Oct 14 to 23 - Maple Tree
  • Oct 24 to Nov 11 - Walnut Tree
  • Nov 12 to 21 Nov- Chestnut Tree
  • Nov 22 to Dec 11 - Ash Tree
  • Dec 12 to 21 - Fig Tree
  • Dec 22 - Beech Tree
  • Dec 23 to 31 - Apple Tree

You can continue reading below to find out what each tree says about your personality and traits.

Weeping Willow

This means you are beautiful, yet melancholy. You are full of love and love to travel. You are also always honest. People born from the weeping willow have great intuition.

Walnut Tree

People born under the Walnut tree are strange, unique, and often egotistical. However, they are also noble and ambitious. These individuals are kind-hearted, yet sometimes hard to like.

Rowan Tree

If you are born under the Rowan tree it means you are charming, gifted, and independent. You also have a love of the arts, good taste in music, and are passionate about what you love. Sometimes you may be slow to forgive someone who has wronged you.

Poplar Tree

People born under the poplar tree are beautiful, but they are not aware of this fact. If you are born under the poplar, you are brave but only when needed. You are a reliable partner, mainly due to the fact that you are choosy.

Pine Tree

Those born under the pine tree are a joy to be around. They are robust and love living a comfortable life. If you are born under the pine tree you are a great partner, but you aren't always friendly.

Olive Tree

If you were born under the olive tree, chances are you love the outdoors. You are kind, reasonable, and non-aggressive. You have a firm sense of justice and you are not one to be jealous.

Oak Tree

A person born under the oak tree shares many properties with the oak: they are robust, strong, independent, and sensible. However, you may not like change. You prefer a familiar environment.

Maple Tree

The maple tree is a symbol that you are not typical. Being born under the maple tree means you are imaginative, original, and ambitious. You thirst for new experiences, often changing your environment and relationships.

Lime Tree

Being born under the lime tree means you sort of just go with things. You avoid confrontation and stress at all cost. This doesn't mean you are lazy; it just means that you make sacrifices in your life. A person born under the lime tree is also susceptible to jealousy.

Hornbeam Tree

You are cool and beautiful if you are born under the hornbeam tree. You have great taste and aren't very egotistical. You are attracted to kind and emotion people, but you are an unusual lover.

Hazelnut Tree Nazemkina

If you were born under the hazelnut tree it means you are charming and not demanding. You are a good listener and very understanding. You know how to make a great first impression, and you often fight for the rights of others. You are popular and honest.

Fir Tree

The fir tree is a sign of sophistication. However, if you are born under this tree, you are often stubborn. You have an equal number of friends and enemies.

Fig Tree

You are strong and independent if you were born under the fig tree. You dislike arguments and have issues listening to differing viewpoints.

Elm Tree

The elm tree represents people who are pleasant, tasteful, and modest. However, those born under the elm tree are not likely to forgive mistakes. You may have trouble obeying authority as well.

Cypress Tree

Being born under the cypress tree is adaptable and takes the cards the way they were dealt. You hate loneliness and crave money.

Chestnut Tree undefined

You are likely unusual and uninterested in what others think of you if you were born under the chestnut tree. You may feel like people don't understand you though.

Ash Tree

Impulsiveness is just one of the qualities of someone born under the ash tree. You also don't like criticism.

Apple Tree

People born from the apple tree are charming. They appeal to a lot of people and are always in love with someone.

There you have all of the Celtic astrology beliefs. Spread this article around so all your friends can find out which tree represents them.