According To Science, Readers Are The Best People To Fall In Love With

Sep 28, 2018 by apost team

Someone who likes books has higher emotional intelligence.

They thirst for knowledge and are very open-minded. People often go to them for answers. A lot of people know this intuitively. Now science has jumped on the bandwagon, too.

Raymond Mar is a psychologist at York University in Canada. He published a study in 2006 that explored why it is that readers make such good lovers.

Keith Oatley, a professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Toronto, worked on a similar study in 2009. The two men revealed that the answer is actually quite simple.

People who read fiction are more open-minded. They can understand where someone else might be coming from.

That said, fiction lovers are also confident with themselves. Their beliefs are well-established. They can read about other peoples' opinions without necessarily abandoning their own. This is because fiction is full of characters from all walks of life. Their experiences can be very different from our own. This enriches our empathy. People who read are more likely to seek out a broader range of people to spend their time with.

They are fascinated by the variety that exists in everyday life. Readers are social by nature.

Although they may appear introverted, always with their nose in a book, readers do in fact enjoy spending time with others. They have achieved that perfect balance. Another study, which was published in 2010, supports this concept. The study explained that fiction exposes us to a character's every emotion.

We read along with their every triumph and sorrow. This broadens our worldview.

So what does this mean when it comes to relationships? Dolmatov

A reader will be much more understanding of your struggles. Conversations with a reader will be stimulating and enriching. A reader will encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to your problems.

Find a reader to be your lover. The search may be hard because of today's fast pace.

Our reliance on technology is only growing over time. However, when you find a reader to spend your time with, the search is ultimately worth it!

Another awesome quality of a reader is their huge vocabulary.

Even if you're just texting, their responses will always be well-thought out. A reader will be very articulate with you. Expect heart-to-heart conversations. They want to go beyond a surface connection.

Everyone knows that "intelligence is sexy." This is especially true for readers.

They've spent time building their book smarts. If you ever have a question, a reader will almost certainly have the answer.

They are also very understanding.

They've gotten to know so many characters that are not similar to them. If your opinions are different, a reader can accept this. They are comfortable with all sorts of beliefs and situations.

They will appreciate your perspective.

A reader will also expect you to respect theirs. Your lover will hold you to a high standard - but one that you'll want to reach.

A reader will open your world. You'll talk about everything and nothing. You'll see things in new ways.

This perspective can also translate into passion in the bedroom. A reader will always be up for new activities.

They will also be thorough and attentive to your own desires. A reader will take you to places you might not even have thought of. You'll get in touch with your more sexual side, and learn to celebrate it.

If you date a reader, expect to keep falling in love with them.

Every day is different and exciting. They're comfortable either planning an adventure or just staying in. Either way there's always something fun to experience in this relationship. Readers can reduce your stress levels, too. Science has shown that readers are less stressed than the average population. This is because readers know what makes them happy. They want to sit down and read instead of heading straight into conflict.

They have an excellent memory. This comes from slowing down and paying attention to whatever they're reading. Expect them to show that same courtesy to you. You will feel like the only person in the room whenever you spend time together.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who loved reading? Let us know!