According To Science, Here Are 10 Surefire Ways To Identify An Intelligent Person

Mar 16, 2018 by apost team

We all know that one person who seems to find exams, challenges and quizzes that little bit easier than the rest of us. If you don't then perhaps you are that person! But are they really more intelligent? Read on to learn the 10 giveaways that you or someone else is truly intelligent.


It's hard work being intelligent. But it isn't necessarily something people are born with. Intelligence must also be honed and trained by acquiring knowledge in a variety of new subjects. What marks an intelligent person is the fact they can jump into a conversation about pretty much anything because their thirst for knowledge means they have already read something on the topic before.


A recent survey found that over 75% of participants consider the internet a tool to make people smarter. It makes sense when you think about it, the internet is the biggest source of information out there and it promotes reading and writing. Some still believe, however, that it also hinders deeper thinking.



This may seem a strange one, but researchers recently found our sleep patterns are closely tied to evolution. "Sleep researchers tend to divide people into two groups, based on whether they exhibit 'morningness' or 'eveningness.' A recent study claims that eveningness is an evolutionary advancement that marks out 'more intelligent individuals,' while those with lower IQs tend to restrict their activities primarily to daytime" explains zoologist Robert Alison in the Winnipeg Free Press. 



A Hewlett Packard study found infomania is one of the biggest problems for adults. It is defined as distractions caused by the urge to check and respond to emails, text messages and other types of communication at the expense of things as important as work or family. Intelligent people know this and do their best to avoid it.



According to the Encyclopedia Britannica "For the most part, adaptation involves making a change in oneself in order to cope more effectively with the environment, but it can also mean changing the environment or finding an entirely new one." It, therefore, goes without saying that intelligent people can adapt quicker.



Ok, we know this contradicts our last point but there's a reason! Intelligent people are open-minded and adaptable, but only when presented with convincing facts. If they aren't, then they will dig their heels in because it seems illogical to make a change unless there's a good reason!



Intelligent people find even the most mundane of topics fascinating. They never cease wanting to learn and expand their knowledge. Luckily, curiosity can be trained. If you get into a habit of trying to find out the most you can about a topic, you'll soon find yourself doing it for just about anything!



Intelligent people always seem to find the right questions, right? This is just evidence of how much quicker their brains can process information. Furthermore, it shows they are knowledgeable in multiple areas.



They say it's better to learn from your mistakes and move on than to dwell on them. That's for a very good reason. Intelligent people recognize early on that learning from your mistakes is a way to progress and grow. By not sweating the small stuff, it also allows smarter people to focus on bigger, real issues.


Intelligence doesn't just refer to brainpower, intelligent people are also emotionally intelligent. This means they find it easier to show empathy and are genuinely interested in learning about the experiences of others. For intelligent people, it is easy to put themselves in someone else's shoes and truly understand what they are thinking or feeling.

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