A Year After Being Separated, Conjoined Twins Celebrate Their New Lives

May 03, 2019 by apost team

There’s the joy that a couple feels when expecting a baby. But then there’s double joy when they find out it's going to be twins. It’s a rare phenomenon and having to be the parents of twins would be the most satisfying news for most people. This couple couldn't hide their excitement after finding out they would be expecting twins. However, after a scan, they got worried when they received news that the twins would be conjoined.

Even after consolation that their twins wouldn’t be the first conjoined twins and that doctors have separated successfully conjoined twins before; the couple was still skeptical.

It’s the fear that you live with when giving up your children to go under the scalpel while still young. Having to let your child go for a surgery that you can’t help relieve leaves a parent feeling helpless.


Heather and Diley Delaney were faced with the above discussed difficult situation a year ago. This was after a hospital they trusted with their maternal clinics; Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia confirmed that the expected twins would be sharing the same part of their heads.

The two bouncing baby girls, Erin and Abbey came into the world before their due date by ten weeks. At just two pounds each, their little bodies couldn’t handle the pressure of going under the scalpel.

Reason being, they shared more than just skin. The sisters shared crucial blood vessels and brain matter that would make the surgery complicated.

With the permission of the parents, an exceptional team of surgeons spent the next eleven months studying the sisters’ conjoined case.

Luckily, their efforts paid off with a successful surgery of fourteen hours that separated the twins. This was the first successful and complicated surgery in books to ever be conducted on infants this young.

It wasn’t the end of the journey as the sisters had to undergo more surgeries in a bid to restructure the parts of the skull affected by the operation. They were also enrolled for physical therapy to aid in strengthening their underdeveloped legs.

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Today, the girls are independent of each other and doctors say that they are recovering quite remarkably.

Thanks to the undying love of their parents and the dedication from the medical support back at the hospital, Erin and Abbey will live normal lives.

It's such a touching story to see two innocent young sisters fight through surgeries, medication, and therapy to become well. Their story of untold strength deserves more recognition. You could let people know of these two sisters through spreading their life journey.