A Woman's Birth Month Says Everything About Her. Find Out What You Need To Know

Jul 25, 2016 by apost team

The reason is unknown, but there is a high possibility that people born in the same month have some personality features in common as well. What could make different girls born in the same month act similarly? Here are some shocking results!


Girls born in January have high ambitions while staying conservative and earnest. Although sometimes January girls are critical of others, they most often do not like to talk about their own feelings. January girls prefer to interact with people who are their intellectual equals. They communicate only with people of the same intellectual level and identical views on life.


February girls are quite romantic and must be treated with patience, due to their constant mood changes. Not every person can understand them due to constant changes in mood. They are able to think in abstract terms and act as more of a free soul. However, if betrayed, February girls are not likely to return.


Females born in March are often charismatic and charming. These dedicated and loyal women find it difficult to give away their hearts to fall in love. When they become upset, March girls can be very unpleasant, however, on a regular basis, they are delightful to be around.


Females born in April are effective communicators who are able to get their points across succinctly. A downfall to April girls is that they have a tendency to get jealous and have delicate confidence that may make them very sensitive. However, women born in April are able to make others happy by opening themselves up to those they trust and sharing their deep feelings.


Females born in May are very persistent and never abandon their principles. May girls are often very physically attractive but can be quite difficult and this makes them quite challenging for the men who are in love with them. May girls are memorable in the sense that they are strong-willed and beautiful.


Those who are born in June tend to be curious, creative, and strong communicators. The downfall to this is that they may speak prior to thinking. June girls are often blunt with the truth, rather than hiding how they feel. This does make June girls strong-willed and they tend to have a lot of power over their men.


Ladies born in July are beautiful, honest, smart, and mysterious. Avoiding conflict, those who are born in July tend to always be honest from the start in order to avoid confusion down the road. That being said, they expect honesty out of others as well.


While women born in August have a tendency to center their lives around themselves, they also have big hearts for other people. These women often win arguments, while also not tolerating their existence. August women shun negativity or people disagreeing with them, and she is likely to react and strike back if someone displays these behaviors. However, they have a great sense of humor. August women love to be the center of attention and often get a lot of attention from men. Due to their strength, men are often falling head over heels for them.


Women born in September are very self-disciplined, friendly and beautiful on the inside and out. They are faithful to themselves in that they are never likely to forgive people who betray them, and they often go out seeking revenge if they feel like they have been wronged. They are often successful in their quests for revenge. September ladies choose to be in lasting relationships rather than short flings. Due to the longevity of their partnerships, they have high expectations of the people they love.


October females, with a low display of emotions, yet a high display of intelligence, have a strong character. Often scared of betrayal, they keep to themselves. Women not born in October often envy those who are.


These are smart ladies who can see dishonesty from far away. Messing with a November woman is a mistake, as she will likely catch on. These women are also opinionated and not afraid to say it.


December women are impatient, but they know how to always make things work out for themselves in the end. They cherish the positive moods of others and open their hearts, leaving room for them to get hurt.


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