A Woman Allegedly Put A $5,000 Tip On Her Boyfriend's Credit Card After Having A Fight At A Restaurant

A 24-year-old Florida woman may need the services of a good lawyer after being arrested for using her boyfriend's credit card to leave a $5,000 tip at a restaurant. The incident was the young woman's retaliation for an argument  the couple had while at the restaurant.

A report by the Pinella County Sherriff Department cited by Good Morning Tampa Bay News explains that Serina Wolfe and her boyfriend were eating at a Clearwater Beach restaurant last Thursday when the argument first began. The argument apparently started when Wolfe demanded that her boyfriend buy a plane ticket for her to New York.

Her boyfriend refused to purchase the ticket and placed a temporary hold on his credit card so she would not be able to do so either. The hold was lifted while the two were eating dinner, the meal cost Wolfe's boyfriend $55.37. However, Wolfe added another $5,000 to the bill as the tip.


Wolfe's boyfriend was unaware of what she had done at the time. Once he became aware of the charges, he asked his girlfriend about them. Wolfe told him she did not authorize the $5,000 charge. Her boyfriend then contacted his credit card company to report the charge.

The restaurant was contacted by the credit card company a couple of days later but the $5,000 had already been given to the waiter. Wolfe was confronted by law officials later the same day and confessed to leaving the tip. She was arrested following her confession.

Wolfe's boyfriend believes she was drunk and looking for revenge when she gave the enormous tip. The charge handed to Wolfe is grand theft in the third degree. The charge is a third-degree felony in Florida. She was placed in jail under a $1,000 bond.

It's still unclear whether the waitress from the restaurant will be able to keep the tip or not. 

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