A Vet’s Emotional Plea For Owners Putting Pets To Sleep: ‘I Beg You Do Not Leave Them’

Sep 25, 2018 by apost team

Often times being a pet owner can be hard. The hardest moments surface when you have to witness their death.


In South Africa the Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital has expressed their understanding for both parents and pets. Though one particular message from a staff member has touched pet owners all over the world. The message was a plea asking parents not to leave their pets alone when they are dying.


Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital shared an anonymous letter over the web from a veterinarian expressing concern for the dying animals. In the letter the veterinarian was begging pet parents to remain with their pet during the process of euthanasia. Pet owners do a wonderful job taking care of their pets. However, as pets begin to age they begin to suffer from all that comes with old age. The best option to relieve them from their stress is to put them down. This method is peaceful and free of pain. Death is hard to deal with, and parents find it hard to be around as their pet passes on.

Within the letter, the veterinarian encourages pet owners to stay with their pets and argues that this is a very crucial time for the pet. Unfortunately, this vet has had the job of participating in numerous procedures of this manner and has had to watch pets seek out their parents for support during this confusing time in their lives. Feelings of fear and being alone are the last things experienced by the pets before they leave this world. Here is what the veterinarian had to say.

As a pet owner, you are more likely to outlive your pet. There will come a day when you will have to take your pet to your vet to undergo a death that is free of pain. As the parent of the pet, you have been all they have known their entire life. You are your pet’s world. When you are not there for them, they search all the faces in the room for you. You are the only family your pet has ever known, and when you are not there they are alone and afraid in a room full of strangers. I am begging you. Please do not leave your pet.

For many pet owners, this was an eye-opening experience. Many pet owners have vowed to never leave their pets alone in the hands of strangers when they are dying. Owners have made promises to be there every step of the way. For other pet owners, the letter was a little offensive. Comments were made that it is terrible to make pet owners feel guilty for not being able to handle being in the room to witness the life taken from their pet. Being a pet owner is not easy. Making the choice whether to remain in the room during a time as such is a hard decision.

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