A Unique Species Of Orchid Bear A Striking Resemblance To Monkeys

Oct 04, 2019 by apost team

Although orchids are cherished flowers that many people have inside their homes, there are several thousand different species of orchids that are just as mesmerizing. One of the most unique species of orchids is a bit different from the typical flowers you’re used to seeing.

The Dracula Simia or “Little Dragon Monkey” as its translated are a quirky orchid found in the forests of Ecuador, according to the American Orchid Society. Martha Stewart's website says the flowers grow best at altitudes around 6,500 feet.


Besides the hike to see these little guys, the Dracula Simia flowers look like monkeys which is why they were aptly named. Eeerkia Schulz, an amateur photographer, saw the orchids at a flower show in Germany. She told Caters News Agency as cited by The Huffington Post, “When I found these flowers I couldn’t believe how much they looked like monkeys. I can’t believe how lovely they are and everyone that I show pictures of them to are instantly surprised just like me.”

The American Orchid Society says, “The tips of the sepals form long, slender tails. At the uppermost part, the short petals have a warty texture which can give the appearance of two eyes along either side of the nose-like column.” In addition to their ape-like features, the Dracula Simia also give off a sweet scent of ripe oranges.

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