A Teacher, Bus Driver And Politician Stand Before God At The Gates Of Heaven To Be Judged

Aug 28, 2017 by apost team

God is a true judge of people!

A teacher, bus driver, and politician stand before the gates of heaven awaiting God's judgment. God summons them and says "Before you can take your place beside me, you must tell me what you believe in and what you have learned during your existence on Earth."

First, God looked to the teacher and asked him: "What do you believe in?"

The teacher considers his answer long and hard before answering: "I believe in a sense of duty, hard work and honesty - those are the values which I taught my students. But I also believe in leniency and forgiveness, because children and young people still have much to learn."

Moved by his good intentions and honest character, God offered the teacher a seat to his right.

Then he turned to the bus driver and asked him: "What do you believe in?"

After a short pause, the bus driver answers: "I believe in discipline, honor and hard work. Empathy, as the teacher so eloquently described, is all well and good but it is much more important to do your job and always give 100%."

God was moved by his simple honesty and offered him a seat to his left.

Finally, God turned to the politician and asked him: "And you? What do you believe in?"

The politician answered right away: "I believe that you are sitting in my spot." 


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