A Rescue Kitten Born With Four Ears And One Eye Found A Caring Family At Last

Sometimes we come across an animal so unusual that we have to look twice. Although they are all deserving of love and respect, some are a little more special than others and stand out among a crowd. That was the case for one tiny kitten named Frankie, short for Frankenkitten.

Frankie was born from his feral mother cat underneath a house in the suburbs. When he was found by rescuers, he had one sibling with him. Although there could have been other cats from the same litter, the two surviving ones were taken in by the homeowners in order to begin socializing and nursing them into proper shape and weight. Eventually, the cats were taken into a shelter in order to help them find forever homes. But Frankie had little chance of finding an owner due to his unusual condition.


Frankie was born with four ears. This means that his hearing issues can sometimes affect the way he goes about life. The first set of ears can disrupt his normal and directional hearing. The cat also has an abundance of dental issues, including an overbite. He had dental surgery to correct his lower canines.

When he arrived at the shelter, he had two eyes, but one needed to be removed after it ruptured. This rupture could have been bad news for the fate of Frankie, but vets were able to eliminate his infection and stabilize him after the procedure. Thankfully, he seems to have no issue seeing, at least during the day time. The cat also has joint issues, so he walks a little funny, although it does not hurt him. Eventually, he will need knee surgery to correct the issues.

Although all of the odds were stacked against this tiny kitten, Frankie got his happy ending with an owner named Georgi Anderson. When Anderson saw the kitten, she told Bored Panda that it wasn’t just his special looks that made him take Frankie home. It was his kindness, playful nature, and an optimistic attitude.

Thankfully, this kitten got his happy ending and now lives out his days in his forever home. He loves to cuddle up and sleep, and also enjoys climbing up Anderson’s legs. He lives with other animals, and they all get along very well and live harmoniously in the home.

What do you think about this story? Would you ever adopt a kitten with a unique appearance?