A Personal Trainer Gained 70 lb To Lose Weight With His Client, And It Worked

Nov 07, 2019

Losing a significant amount of weight takes a tremendous amount of hard work. Without the right support and planning, it can be even harder. The story of a personal trainer willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help a client lose weight is capturing attention because of the unusual method involved.

“Fit to Fat to Fit” is a television show that asks personal trainers to gain enough weight to match the weight of their clients and then work with them to lose the weight together. To help his client Alissa, personal trainer Adonis had to pack on more than 70 pounds in only four months.


To accomplish the massive weight gain in such a short period of time, Adonis had to completely change his life. He stopped exercising and added lots of unhealthy food choices filled with empty calories. The rapid weight gain started to jeopardized his health by causing his blood pressure to rise and leading to a diagnosis of prediabetes.

After reaching 308 pounds to match Alissa’s weight, Adonis was excited to help Alissa and himself slim down. After a lifetime of being overweight, Adonis helped Alissa adopt a new eating plan and start a new exercise regimen which included weight lifting and running. All of Alissa’s hard work paid off and she lost almost 60 pounds in only four months while Adonis managed to lose more than 80 pounds.

Adonis said the entire experience was worthwhile because he got to help Alissa change her life. Send this story of a personal trainer sacrificing his perfect body to help a client to someone you know who is always willing to do whatever it takes to help someone in need.