A Nurse Gets To Meet The Jewish Children She Hid in Coffins So That She Could Sneak Them Out Of Nazi Camps

Aug 14, 2017 by apost team

Of all the unsung hero strories that came out of World War 2, this is possibly one of our favourites! Irena Sendler was a nurse in the Warsaw ghetto and saw firsthand the atrocities performed by the Nazis. She knew that she could not sit by and watch it happen so she joined forces with Zegota, an organization that worked on freeing as many captives as possible. Irena smuggled thousands of childeren out of the Nazi camps before she was caught by the officers. Even after being abused and tormented, she never gave away any information and was eventually freed thanks to a bribe. She changed her identity and fled, along with a can that contained the names of every child she had ever saved. Now, at the age of 98 she has been given the chance to meet some of these children. 


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