A Mother's Viral Story About the Kindness of Strangers Proves That It Truly 'Takes a Village'

If you’ve ever had a child meltdown in a public place, you know how difficult it is to keep going. What’s bad enough in the aisle of your local supermarket, must be truly hellish in line for airport security.

So you can imagine the distress Becca Kinsey felt as she struggled alone to get her exhausted five years old, James, her screaming two-year-old, Wyatt, and all their luggage through the checkpoint after a trip to Disney World.

As she described on social media, Just as Kinsey was nearing tears herself, the first of three unconnected women began to spread a little kindness in her life. This stranger pulled Kinsey, James, and Wyatt in front of her, so they wouldn’t have to wait in the back of the line.

Her simple empathy comforted the overwhelmed mom, “I know how it is.” Soon toddler Wyatt fell asleep, but Kinsey was still struggling to wrangle her sons and their stuff. Just then, a second woman stepped back in line to help with the bags.


“I’ve got it,” she insisted. “Don’t you worry. We’re going to make sure you get on that flight.” After helping the family through the maze of security, this woman cheerfully carried every piece of luggage all the way to the gate before continuing to her own departure area.

Once there, Wyatt startled awake and began crying. Eventually, Kinsey was able to board the plane, soothe him back to sleep, and try to recover from the whole ordeal. After a few minutes, a third woman took an empty seat across the aisle. “You look like you need a break,” she told the exhausted mom.

Kinsey gratefully passed the sleeping child to her new friend, and Wyatt slept in her arms the rest of the flight. When they landed, this third helper carried the toddler all the way to the baggage claim, leaving only after Kinsey and her two sons had reunited with family.

Kinsey encouraged sharers to pay it forward, by donating $5 to Kidd’s Kids, a nonprofit that sends extremely ill children and their families to Disney World.


Now that’s something we should see more of. A little kindness, a little understanding, a little giving, and, just maybe, a little bit of magic! Tell us your thoughts about this story in the comments and pass it on to your friends and loved ones.