A Mother From Massachusetts Has Passed Away From A Mosquito Bite

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has just announced that their laboratories have confirmed a case of the Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus infection in a woman who was living in southern Bristol County. This is the fourth confirmed human case of EEE this year in Massachusetts.

Laurie Sylvia, the unfortunate lady who was the fourth case in the state, died this past Sunday afternoon. Her family and friends are devastated over her untimely death from a mosquito bite.

The DPH is asking all residents of the state to use mosquito repellent at all timefs when they are outside. They are also asking that anyone who lives in a high-risk community to consider staying inside during the hours of dusk to dawn in order to reduce their chances of being exposed to mosquitos.


While EEE is a rare disease that affects people of every age, it can be potentially fatal in some cases. It has occurred sporadically in Massachusetts. The virus has been detected in 333 mosquito samples just this past year, a number that has officials worried. Many of these mosquitos are capable of passing the virus to humans. That is why it is extremely important to always have mosquito repellent on you at all times when you are outside. It is even more important when it begins to get dark out and the mosquitos come out of their hiding spots.

Laurie was the wife of Robert Sylvia, a local union boss, according to ABC6 News. Teamsters Local 59 released their own statement concerning her death in a Facebook post that has since been removed. The post read that they were very hopeful that the doctors and staff of Tufts Medical Center would be able to help Laurie after she contracted EEE.

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