A Look Inside This Single Mom's Tiny Home In A Shipping Container, Will Blow Your Mind

Dec 12, 2018

Most dictionaries define home as, "A place where one lives: a residence" or "The physical structure within which one lives" or "A dwelling place together with the family or social unit that occupies it; a household" or "An environment offering security and happiness" and so on and so forth!

These definitions of what a home is, aptly describes how an 8' x 20' shipping container and cargo trailer became a new home for a mother and daughter, who lost their previous home. Some may not view the thought of living in a converted shipping container as a home, but to Lulu and her daughter, it is where they have everything they could want and where love lives.

A Brilliant Economical Solution

Lulu and her daughter were evicted from their former home and had nowhere to go and no money available for them to move into another house. Shattered and stressed by the idea of homelessness, that idea soon gave way to the realization that Lulu and her daughter didn't need to live in a standard, modern house or apartment to have everything they needed.

They could live anywhere together and be happy, and that's when Lulu was struck with a brilliant idea to convert a shipping container and cargo container into a tiny house for both of them. The portable house is situated on a plot of land in the wilderness and has every amenity they need — this house which is now Lulu's cost only $4,000 to transform.


Lulu's House

Lulu struggled as a single mother and student, to pay the bills and the rent, even though she worked on a full-time basis. She decided that adopting a shipping container into a living space for her and her daughter was the most economical solution because converting the two containers didn't cost a lot of money and it would allow her to be a homeowner instead of a renter.

Using recycled building materials, Lulu did most of the work, herself, assembling the house and constructing a door and cutting windows, putting the insulation in, and setting up a full kitchen that is equipped with a sink, camp stove, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, and water heater. The small home also has a full bathroom and is comfortably furnished with beds, a couch, and bookshelves. 

Lulu had a clever solution to provide a home for her and her daughter, using a transformed shipping container and cargo container. This may be a future recurring trend to use shipping containers or similar types of containers as portable houses as a way to cut back on living expenses.

What do you think of Lulu's idea of living in a converted shipping container? Would you consider living in a home like Lulu's? What do you think your friends and family would think of that idea? Let us know your thoughts and invite your folks to the discussion!