A German Circus Is Replacing Real Animals With Holograms To Protest Animal Abuse

For far too long, animals have received horrible treatment and have been kept in abysmal conditions, just so they can be used as entertainment. But we should all know, “entertainment” is never an acceptable reason for animal abuse.

However, one German circus has changed this situation for the better. Circus Roncalli has phased out its live animal shows completely; they are the first holographic circus in the world. In fact, Circus Roncalli stopped their wild animal shows way back in the 1990s, putting them decades ahead of other circuses.

German newspaper RP Online, reported via The Dodo, at first, the German circus only used domestic horses in their shows. But recently, they took the final step and stopped live animal shows altogether.


Markus Strobl, the media director for the circus, spoke earlier this year regarding their decision to switch to holographic animal performances. Strobl told RP Online: "Most of the performances in the show are already done by the clowns and artists anyway. Circus Roncalli focus is on acrobatic and poetic performances."

The holograms are mesmerizing, and now take center stage – the holographic animals are beautiful and larger than life.

Now, the clowns and trapeze artists perform alongside amazing holographic animals, from elephants, tigers and even fish. For example, while the holographic elephants perform, waving their trunks at the crowd, orange fish suddenly appear and swim through the arena.

Jan Creamer, president of Animal Defenders International, tells The Dodo that holographic circuses are ‘the future’ and explains: "Thankfully the public are increasingly visiting circuses where the performers get to choose to perform and where there are no animals forced to perform – This is the future of the animal circus. It's a performance that everyone can enjoy. Also, sentient, intelligent beings are not used as objects to entertain."

The good news about Circus Roncalli comes just a month after England passed a bill permanently banning circuses from using wild animals to perform.

The Wild Animals in Circuses Bill ensures that circuses in England will no longer use wild animals as part of their traveling shows. Furthermore, the government emphatically states that wild animal shows have ‘no place in modern society’.

While the ban only covers wild animals, domestic circus animals such as dogs, donkeys, and horses will be inspected on a regular basis by animal welfare officials. Circus Roncalli is definitely ahead of the curve! 

To see more of the circus of the future, watch the magical video below:

What do you think of the idea of using holograms instead of real animals? Do you think it was about time to stop the animal abuse or will you miss the real animals as being part of a circus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Don't forget to show this story to your friends to start a conversation about the topic.