A Gentleman's Guide To Folding Fitted Sheets

Jul 10, 2019 by apost team

Anybody who has ever changed the sheets on a bed knows the struggle of the fitted sheet. And when it comes to folding it, it seems like some impossible puzzle to solve. But thank goodness there are skillful people online who are able to share some of their wisdom on matters such as these. 

This gentleman posted a video online that easily explains how to properly fold the fitted sheet. The user wrote about the video, "Let a gentleman guide you through how to fold a fitted sheet. Fitted sheets can be a challenge, but this video shows how to create a nice rectangle in two minutes." 


He shows how you have to combine all the corners inside each other before folding together. "This technique even works on fitted sheets that have elastic all the way around. This fitted sheet is a queen size. Whether you have a twin, double, queen or king, the technique is the same," he adds. 

He folds the sheet into a flat square where it's just easy learning from there. By the time he has the sheet padded into a tiny little square, you can't even tell that it was a fitted sheet before as it lays perfectly without any wrinkles in a small flattened fold. We loved this video and it's come in handy for all our folding at home! Watch below. 

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