A Flight Attendant Got Suspicious Of Teen Girl With Older Man—Girl Writes Note In Bathroom Begging For Help

Sep 15, 2020 by apost team

In this story from 2017, a flight attendant named Sheila Frederick saw something suspicious on Alaskan Air flight she was working on and decided to take action; she ended up saving a life. 

After noticing a teen girl who was flying with an older man that didn't appear to be her father, Frederick made contact with the girl and realized she was a potential victim of human trafficking. Thankfully, with the help of the plane's crew, they were able to save the young woman.

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Sheila Frederick is a flight attendant who was working on an Alaskan Air flight when she saw something that was suspicious. She saw a young woman who looked like she was disheveled and scared. The young woman was traveling with an older man who looked well put together, and he obviously was not the father of the girl who he was traveling with, so Frederick got a sick feeling in her stomach. The flight attendant could not get this pair out of her head, so she thought up a plan to be able to contact the young woman.


Her Plan Of Attack

Frederick decided that she had to be able to talk to the girl in order to know if she was a victim of human trafficking. She managed to write a note to the young girl and leave it in the bathroom for her. Next, Frederick found a way to whisper in the young girl's ear. She told the young woman to go to the bathroom, and when the girl went to the bathroom, Frederick's note was there, and the girl wrote her back.

The young girl told Fredrick that she needed help, and that is when Frederick decided that she was going to take action to help the girl out. Frederick talked to the captain and informed him of what was going on on the plane. The captain also immediately put a plan into action, and he called the police. By the time the plane landed, there was police waiting for the gentleman who was committing human trafficking.

The Good Result of a Good Heart

Through the intuition of this flight attendant, a woman's life was able to get saved. Each and every year, there are hundreds of people who are kidnapped and put into human trafficking. Ambassadors for flights are trying to get flight attendants the training that they need in order to identify human trafficking. People may think that human trafficking is something that only happens to people who are in different countries, but it also can happen in the United States.

With respect to what happened on the Alaskan Air flight, Fredrick and the young girl still have contact; they talk to each other a few times a year.

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