A Diver Was Swimming In Hawaii When A Dolphin Swam Up To Him, Begging Him Urgently For Help

Mar 25, 2019 by apost team

If you don't believe magic is real, then you haven't studied nature enough. There are so many out of this world creatures that actually are in our world. Some of the most special species can be found in the oceans. However, while they might seem magical, they can't just cast a spell to get out of a tough situation. Sometimes, like in the case of a dolphin in Hawaii, they need the help of benevolent strangers.

While exploring the depths of the ocean, diver Keller Laros was approached by a friendly face: a dolphin.

However, the super-intelligent mammal was in a jam and needed some assistance fast. A fishing hook had found its way into their flipper. To free the dolphin of further pain and injury, Laros delicately got the hook out.


However, there was an additional issue: the fishing line that was still wrapped around the flipper. It's almost as if Laros had been waiting for something like this to happen, as he pulled out a pair of scissors and freed the dolphin. She was patient and calm as Laros went to work.

When he finally frees her, you can practically see a smile crossing her face. Her ability to swim freely and happily was in doubt, but thanks to Laros' attention and compassion, she can get back to her routine.

This story teaches us all kinds of important lessons. It teaches us about helping those in need, even if they can't do anything for us. The dolphin was in a compromised position, and only Laros could get them out of it. It also teaches us about the value of trust. Not only do Laros and the dolphin come from different homes and speak different languages, but they're also different species.

However, the dolphin knew that they would have to put their faith in him in order to be freed of the hook and line.

A human might've been responsible for the dolphin getting ensnared in the first place, but a human is also responsible for helping them get out of that situation. Even if you're not a diver, you can follow Laros' example and be an advocate for those who are in need.

Stories like this can warm your heart and remind you of how much kindness is in the world. What do you think of Laros and his encounter with the dolphin? Show this to anyone who loves stories involving humans and animals.