A Boy WIth Autism Is About To Have A Breakdown And Snow White Jumps In To Comfort Him

A trip to Disney World is the highlight of a child’s young life. Truly the “Happiest Place on Earth,” Disney can put a smile on even the most cynical adult’s face. Street after street is brimming with magic as fairy tales come to life and kids can meet the characters in the stories and films they have known since birth.

One park employee portraying Snow White recently stepped up in a big way when a young child found himself in an overwhelming predicament, truly personifying the heroine she plays in the Magic Kingdom.

Parents Lauren and Bill Bergner had been planning an extravagant visit to Disney World for several months. They are the proud parents to 14-year-old Billy, 9-year-old Jake, and 6-year-old Brody.

While the family enjoyed their visit to the Happiest Place on Earth, by the end of the day on August 25, the heat and the excitement of all the park’s attractions had gotten too much for little Brody. Tired and crying, the little boy’s feelings of being overwhelmed were exasperated by his non-verbal autism. It was at this moment that Snow White appeared to help Brody.


Taking the little boy by the hand, Snow White led Brody to a nearby bench, hugging him and talking to him in a calm, soothing voice. Almost immediately, Brody began to calm down. Writing of the occurrence on Facebook, Lauren said that she was moved to tears by the compassion that the cast member playing Snow White had shown to her son.

Hoping that the woman who played the character would see her post, Lauren described how the cast member knew exactly how to help Brody. The mom of three also thanked other people who were waiting in line for a photo with Snow White for their understanding.

Lauren later shared several photos of the incident on Facebook. One photo in particular, in which Brody cries in Snow White’s lap as the cast member holds him, has been liked over 7 thousand times.

Lauren made sure to email the park management to tell them of the cast member playing Snow White’s amazing sense of compassion. Sharing the email with friends on Facebook, Lauren called the woman a “pure angel.”

What do you think of how the woman who played Snow White helped Brody when he was feeling overwhelmed? What do you think is the best way to help a child in similar situations?