A 4-Year-Old Girl Walks For The First Time Ever At Her Mom's Wedding

A wedding is a special day for everyone who is involved. It is a time of joy and celebration for the bride and groom who have brought everyone together to rejoice in their love and commitment.

However, one bride was even happier over what happened with her daughter on her wedding day. That is because her daughter was born with spina bifida.

While no two cases will be alike, spina bifida can cause a lot of physical issues. Crystal Ortiz was told that her baby would be born with spina bifida. The doctors in charge of her pregnancy also told the mother-to-be that her baby could be born with brain damage or even brain-dead. The brought up the choice of abortion, according to The Daily Mail.

However, Crystal would have none of it. She refused to go through with an abortion, even when strangers told them they were selfish. The parents never regretted their decision. They now have a wonderful little girl who is always smiling and happy. She also uses a walker when she needs to get around, due to her condition.


Of course, Terry and Kenneth Parker knew that things would be tough after learning that Kenydii had spina bifida. They told ABC News that they did think that it was the end of the world when they heard the news. They prayed about the situation and decided that they would have their baby no matter what. They vowed to go through everything that their child would go through. At the young age of 4-years-old Kenydii was able to walk for the very first time. Her aunt captured the amazing moment.

There is also another video that is making the rounds on social media. Avah, a 4-year-old girl, was ready to be the flower girl for her mother’s wedding. The only problem that was standing in the way was the fact that she also has spina bifida. She had never taken one step before according to MSN. But she wasn’t going to let that little fact stop her!

You can watch her moment of triumph in the amazing video below:

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