98-Year-Old's Reaction To Finding Out He's 98 Is Wonderfully Profane

When you're so old that your birthday cake would be considered a fire hazard, keeping track of the years doesn't seem so important anymore. For some, it's another year of life that has passed by, especially if you're having fun!

This is what happened to an elderly dad when his son asked him how old he was. He was quick to give an answer, but it was WAY OFF. 

"How old do you think you are?" "79."

The man's son thankfully got this moment on video, because his dad just couldn't believe it when he kept getting told to guess higher and higher. This is clearly a man who lives life to the fullest and doesn't let something like age get in the way of his happiness. 

But when he finally guessed his true age, the old man didn't hold back from expressing how he really feels! 

"Holy F*ck!" he says, and it's so unexpected and hilarious that it's actually a little adorable! 

His son then made sure to remind him that this summer he'll turn 99, and he still has one more year to go before turning 100.

Watch the video below to hear the dad's hilarious expletive-filled reaction!

How funny! Here's hoping he has a fantastic birthday this summer!

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